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Wednesday 9 December 2015

My Lazy Day Routine!

Hello gorgeous!

I watched a video not too long ago of someone doing their lazy day routine in Q&A form, which I thought was fun and different and knew right away that I wanted to do the same on my blog. As it's Winter, lazy days tend to slip into my weeks quite often which makes this very appropriate!

1. What is your lazy day skincare routine?

I would probably say, it isn't any different than my daily skincare routine. I always like to cleanse my face and moisturise which is what I do everyday, lazy or not!

2. What is your lazy day makeup?

A lazy day for me would consist of no makeup at all. As much as I love playing around with makeup and creating new looks, I really look forward to taking it all off and enjoying a completely clean face. It just gives my skin a chance to breathe and I love it. 

3. What is your lazy day hairstyle?

I do wash my hair everyday, so I would have to blow dry it, maybe curl it and throw it into a ponytail just to save time the next morning. Although, if I'm feeling a little lazier, I'll just blow dry it and throw it in a bun!

4. What is your lazy day outfit?

Pyjamas! Now that it's Winter, I love getting cosy in long warm pyjamas and fuzzy socks. That, along with a warm cup of tea is just perfect.  

5. What is your lazy day scent? 

My lazy day scent is anything that smells good to be honest. For my body, I've been loving the Early-Harvest Raspberry body scrub from The Body Shop which smells amazing. I also find Rose Jam from Lush really relaxing. As for Perfume, I really love Chanel No5. It's one of my all time favourite scents!

6. What is your lazy day pampering product?

My lazy day pampering product is either a face mask or a Lush bubble bar which is just another excuse for a hot bath!

7. What is your lazy day snack?

I have been obsessed with Pomelos. Pretty sure they're my favourite Winter fruit! I also really enjoy chestnuts and almonds. Yum!

8. What is your lazy day drink?

Definitely as many cups of Earl Grey tea as possible or a yummy cup of hot chocolate!

And that's all the questions! How's your lazy day like? Let me know down below and if you decide to do this on your blog, do send me a link on Twitter right over here, I'd love to give it a read!

Come back tomorrow for a new post and if so, I'll see you then!

Lots of love,
Teen Diary

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