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Tuesday 8 December 2015

My Winter Essentials!

Hello lovely!

I am one that loves Summer. No matter how hot it gets, how sunny it is, I just love it. But I must admit, the cosiness of Winter is something that I do look forward to. Something about it just gets me feeling fuzzy inside. 

For today's post, I thought I'd give you my guide on how to survive Winter, also known as, my Winter Essentials!

1. Warm drinks and lots of them!

One of my favourite things about Winter are the endless choices of hot drinks. Don't get me wrong, I do love myself a delicious warm drink all year round, but there's something about them in Winter that's just perfect. 

My favourite tea of all time is Marks & Spencer's Earl Grey which smells amazing and tastes delicious. This is my 3rd box in around 2 months? And these come with 50 teabags so you can imagine how much I love it. Another one from M&S is their Drinking Chocolate hot chocolate powder. All you need is hot milk and as many teaspoons of powder as you like for a perfectly yummy hot chocolate. You may even add whipped cream, marshmallows and chocolate flakes if you're feeling fancy!

2. A good book, or 5. 

Something about Winter makes me really want to grab a book and read it. I don't know if it's the lovely feeling of getting nice and cosy in warm clothing and a cup of tea to sip on and keep warm, but I just really love reading a lot more throughout the colder months. This one is By The Time You Read This by Lola Jaye which is my all time favourite book!

4. Cosy, fuzzy clothing.

I get cold like no one else. I can be in a million layers and still freeze my face off. So, big fat warm layers are a necessity for me. Fuzzy socks, huge blanket scarves and beanies are essential. And how cute are those polar bear fuzzy socks?!

5. Candles!

Okay I'll be honest, I might not actually burn the candles that I have as much as I just love having them around and the reason being, 1. They happen to smell even better unlit. 2. They still make a room smell good with the cover off. 3. The smell of the smoke that is left after you blow the candle out, gets rid of all the good scents you've lit the candle for. 4. Sometimes when a candle is lit, it can be too strong and sickly. So in conclusion, a candle is just a lot better unlit. But I love the warm scents they add to a room!

6. Moisturisers, moisturisers and more moisturisers. 

When the weather shifts from heat to cold, it's normal to get really dry skin. But with me, I have yet to find something to really help with the dryness on my face. Nonetheless, I still moisturise even if it's just going to help for a day. And for that, I've been using the Simple Derma Intensive Relief Cream which is meant to show results in 7 days, it has not done that btw. As well as the Simple Kind To Skin Hydrating Moisturiser which does a little something in order for me to apply makeup without looking like I have dry skin. 

As for my hands, I have fallen in love with Jergens' Daily Moisture. It has completely gotten rid of  the dryness on my hands and it just works wonders as far as hand creams go. 

And those are the main things that help me survive the cold weather and perhaps, enjoy it a little bit! If you know of a good facial moisturiser that you could suggest in the comments down below, I'd be grateful!

I hope you guys enjoyed, 
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  1. Great post! I agree with all of these tips. I really enjoyed this style of post :D



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