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Saturday, 19 December 2015

My Bedside Table Necessities!

Hello gorgeous!

I am always intrigued by what people have on their bedside tables. The little bits and bobs they choose to keep there, if it's more of a place for necessities or another decor staple in the room. Whether they prefer to cover it up with a stack of books, loads of beauty products, a bunch of miscellaneous bits that found their way there or even wires and gadgets, I just enjoy seeing it all! 

On my bedside table, you can sometimes find the cheeky sweet wrappers that I could not manage to resist the night before, you might find a book or two some days, or even 3 half empty water bottles. You may only see my phone and lamp and some days, it might even look like a proper decor staple in my room which is very rare, but you get the idea. 

Recently, I've found that I really like leaving my must-haves on it. Things I should remember doing like taking out my contact lenses, staying hydrated, cleansing my face and moisturising. Things I enjoy before bed like reading or writing down little notes. And finally, the things I need the next morning like my fuzzy socks to keep warm and my fully charged phone. Take a look!

What are your bedside table necessities? Let me know down below!

See you soon,

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  1. Love your blog! Love the notebook and the socks too, they are very cute. :) My table necessities are a few magazines, some beauty products, night lamp and my phone. Merry Christmas, Isabella x


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