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Wednesday 4 November 2015

Lush Haul: A bit of everything!

Hello gorgeous!

I am currently procrastinating studying for a test I have tomorrow but instead, I thought I'd show you a few bits I've purchased from Lush. As you know, I have made my very first Lush purchase not too long ago which you can take a look at here and ever since, I have been obsessed. I am the type of person that falls completely in love with anything that smells good, so entering the Lush world touched my weak spots which is definitely a problem for my bank account. Nonetheless, I love their products so here's what I picked up!

As you can see, I did try to buy a good variety of things from bubble bars and shower gels to cleansers and soap. I am still new to Lush so I did want to try out a few different things just to know what I like more than others and base my next purchase on that.

Bubble Bars

I got two bubble bars from the Christmas collection which stood out to me, probably because of how cute they are, but also because of their scent description on the website. The Butterbear bar contains cocoa butter and has a dash of vanilla scent to it which I love. It's very subtle and calming when it melts into your bath, the cocoa butter in it leaves your skin smooth and luxurious which I very much need now that the weather is changing and my skin gets so dry. The Magic Wand is a cult classic, everyone and anyone has probably purchased this and finally, I joined the club. It does has the Snow Fairy scent to it which I am completely obsessed with and it is reusable so you do get your money's worth!

Scrubs and Cleansers

Rub Rub Rub is another classic. There have been countless raves about it on every other blog and I can understand why. It cleanses, exfoliates and softens your skin better than any scrub I've tried in a while. It is sea salt based and sea salt is known for it's cleansing qualities. Also, it does smell quite fresh which I didn't expect! I also picked up the Dark Angels face and body scrub which I absolutely love. I don't use it everyday because scrubs can be a little too much on your skin if used too often but when I do use it, I just love my skin afterwards. It smells amazing, gets my skin feeling a whole lot better and is just a great product in general.

Shower Gels and Shower Creams 

When I picked up Rose Jam, all I had in mind is jam. I adore the scent of strawberry or raspberry jams and for some reason, my mind completely blacked out the word 'rose' and just focused on jam so me being my excited self, went to the shower, took it with me and it smelt nothing like I expected. It does have a perfume scent to it along with a little bit of rose and I honestly can't tell how I feel about it. I don't love it, but I don't hate it. All I know is I wouldn't repurchase. On the other hand, The Comforter smells like some sort of sweet and I do like it once I've used it. I will say, it does smell a bit sickly to me straight out of the bottle but once used, it's very subtle and I do like it. Lastly, I got a sample of Snow Fairy which I am head over heels for. It smells like the kind of sweets that have a fizzy syrup inside, if that makes any sense but I adore it and I hope I can get my hands on a full size before it's no longer in stores.

Next up is a sample of Honey I Washed The Kids. I'm not very keen on bar soaps, bar shampoos, bar anything because it always seems to slip out of my hands and after a handful of times, it does get annoying. But Lush soaps are quiet popular for their benefits and a sample won't harm anyone!

Last but not least, a cute friend of mine added a mini Warm Vanilla Sugar candle from Bath and Body Works into the bag because she knows I love vanilla scents and let me just say, this might be my new favourite candle. It smells absolutely amazing and I can't get myself to burn it just yet. But even left as is, my whole room smells of it. Obsessed!

And that is all for today's post. Are there any Lush products you're eyeing at the minute? Let me know down below!

Until next time,
Teen Diary



  1. I love looking at Lush hauls, their products look so yummy, scrummy. Great picks plus that candle really caught my eye<3

    Chaste & Beautiful

  2. You provide awesome information, I will take a closer look to some of them. Thanks for sharing.


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