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Tuesday, 13 October 2015

My Little Work Space!

Hello lovely!

Ever since I was a kid, I've been completely obsessed with decorating and finding new ways to spice up an area. And well, the space I had most freedom changing up whenever I wanted to was definitely my work space. I've changed it up week after week, from adding photo frames to showcasing my favourite reads or even by simply moving my computer from one side to the other. It's always been such an enjoyment and I've loved it. 

My desk does take quite a large space in my bedroom but it was either a tiny desk to fit a vanity or skip the dressing table and have a large desk to work with. I suppose you could guess what I decided to do? 

Finalizing this little space to have it exactly how I want has taken quite some time but I've finally come to a setting that I'm pleased with. I have a plain desk with no drawers because most of the fancy looking desks that I liked were out of my budget and were probably half the size so I thought I could easily work with something like this and I really enjoy having a big area. The first thing I did after placing my computer, was print loads of photos off of pinterest (all which you can find on my pinterest boards) and frame them. The frames I found are super light which meant I didn't need to nail them on the wall, they were also very affordable and I just love how they make my little space look! As for the desk, I knew I had to use it for multiple things, so I did divide it into two parts, the right side is my work space and the left side is my little 'vanity' which isn't a problem!

The studio light I have had for quite a while but I've seen them in a handful of home shops and some are actually not too expensive! To spice it up I hung a Sephora bag as well as a Makeup Forever bag and I think it adds a little something since well, I am a shopaholic.  Right next to that I have my pin board where I pin photos I'm enjoying and inspirational notes and I just love looking at it to be honest! 

One of my favourite bits on my desk is probably the white heart letter rack which was kindly sent to me by I was actually looking for something to hold all my stationary as well as my desk essentials and although this is meant for holding your mail, I thought it went perfect on my desk! They do have it in two different styles and colours, a white like the one I chose, as well as a wooden one with a shabby chic finish to it which you can see here

As for the left side of my desk, I just have a floral vintage looking box where I keep my daily makeup essentials as well as a moisturiser and a pen holder which I use to hold my mascaras, primers and concealers! P.S the Simple Intensive Relief cream is amazing for anyone that has super dry skin during the cooler months!

And that is all for my desk organisation, I hope you guys enjoyed! Do let me know how you organise your desk or leave a link below to your #deskgoals! Be sure to check out :)

Until next time,
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