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Friday, 28 August 2015

August Favourites 2015!

Hello Gorgeous!

August is almost over and if you've been in the blogging world for a while, you'd know it is time for the monthly favourites where every vlogger and blogger gather the products they've been reaching out for most the past month and talk about how much they've been loving them. And well, here's another one to add to your reading list!

The Roller Lash by Benefit | For the past year now, I've been layering mascaras in order to get the perfect lashes, I'd use one for length and the other for volume and to be honest, that always worked out because I was always pleased with how they looked. That was until I found the Roller Lash and two coats of just this one product would give me a look I've never been able to achieve with any other mascara, even layered. If I'm having a 'natural' day where I don't want a whole face of makeup but still want to look nice, I'd settle with one coat. But if I want to put in a bit more effort, I'll go for two and get that gorgeous eye look I desire. If you'd like a tutorial or photos of a finished eye look with this mascara, let me know in the comments below!

The Naked Basics 2 Palette by Urban Decay | If I had to choose just one eye shadow palette to keep in my makeup collection and use from now on, this would probably be it. You'd be surprised how many looks you could create from just these 6 eye shadows. From cool eye looks for everyday, to stunning soft looks for a dressy party and even the perfect smokey eye for an evening out, this tiny palette will definitely do it all and it has honestly been all I've used since I've purchased it! 

They're Real push-up liner by Benefit | After accidentally opening this mini-sized gel liner thinking it was a tester and then being obliged to buy it, I think I have found something that does the trick! I was never interested in gel liners thinking they're so hard to use and them just not being worth the hype, but after trying this little version, I can definitely say I've changed my mind. The liner itself lasts all day long, makes a cat eye that much easier to apply and is a quick and easy product to use all in all which I absolutely love!

Brightening and Tightening Complexion Primer Potion By Urban Decay | It seems that I have a  bit of a theme going on with the UD and Benefit products but I've genuinely been very pleased with both brands lately and the complexion primer potion is no different. It makes applying makeup super smooth and easy, it leaves my makeup on for much longer and all in all, it is a great product which I highly recommend!

INGLOT Nail Polish in the Shade 715 | In a previous post called the '5 beauty blogger basics I fail at!' I had a little rant on how much I avoid painting my nails. Well, that might have changed because recently, I have been obsessed with the classy, perfect soft pink look this gives my nails. It goes with almost every outfit and it has something very French about it. Love love love!

Macadamia Healing Oil Treatment | This is a product that I've spoken about loads on the blog ages ago and it is making a comeback. I recently got a haircut which I didn't mean to get, but as we all know for some weird reason, hairdressers inches are like triple a normal inch and so what was meant to be a little trim, turned into about 5 inches of my hair being chopped off. In order to hopefully get my length back, I decided to go back to this old treasure which my hair just seems to love. It keeps my hair looking healthy, it helps with split ends and it smells really good! It's a win-win and I'd definitely recommend it!

Berina Heat Protector | This was also mentioned on the blog when it made an appearance in a hair care routine post-in need of an update (let me know if you'd like to see that!) and I am still using it. I actually like using it the night before I'm styling my hair. So I'd take a shower, spray some on my hair, let it set for 5-10 minutes and then blow dry my hair and tie it in a bun and style it the next morning. It adds a good amount of volume and really helps texturing my hair in order to keep my hairdo going all day long. It also seems to work as a detangler which is never a problem and slides your brush right through your hair. All that and it protects your hair from your heating tools! Brilliant!

Head Massager from Virgin | Okay, this is a random and possibly strange one, but ever since I was a little kid, I've loved having someone play with my hair. It relaxes me so much and puts me in the best sleepy mode. Sadly now that I'm 20, it isn't really fitting to constantly ask someone to play with my hair. That's where the Head Massager comes in, as weird as I might look using it, it's still such a relaxing feeling and I actually have the urge to use it as I type which I'll probably go do when I'm done.. You should definitely give it a go!

And that is all for today! What have you been loving this month? Let me know in the comments down below!

Have a lovely weekend,
Teen Diary


Sunday, 16 August 2015

Stationary Haul!

Hello lovely!

It is back to school season and every shop in town is bringing out their latest bags, back to school accessories and most importantly, super cute stationary. Since I do go back to university in a couple of weeks, I decided to pick up a few things and being a stationary addict had nothing to do with my purchase....really.

P.S. Everything I purchased is from Virgin Megastore!

Let's get started...

I like having a binder every year just to organise any handouts I'm given or papers I should likely keep and if you didn't know, I am a journalism student, so as soon as I saw the slogan on the binder - 'wrote it, liked it, so I put a ring on it' - I was all in. Simply perfect and it fits right in with my major. 

Next up, I found these two notebooks, the bigger one for my notes and again it goes with the whole journalism theme which I am obsessed with and then a slightly small one to go in my handbag to keep all my important dates written down such as project due dates, tests, exams, assignments, etc.

Last but not least, I found this weekly planner which I thought was perfect to stay organised and ahead of time because I always seem to forget things. This will go up on my pin board right by desk and if you can't tell, I'm very excited. 

And that is all I purchased! Might not be haul-worthy but I know a lot of you are probably stationary lovers as well so I thought I'd share. 

Where do you shop for stationary? Let me know in the comments down below!

Lots of love,
Teen Diary

Friday, 14 August 2015

A Little Beauty Haul + Review: Benefit & Urban Decay!

Hello gorgeous!

I have been wanting to purchase a few makeup bits for quite a while now and finally made a little shopping trip, which is also an excuse to blog, so I thought I'd show you guys what I bought!

Let's begin!

To start off, I've had my eyes on the Naked 2 Basics palette from Urban Decay the minute it came out, but have been putting off and trying to convince myself I don't need it. Weeks and months went by and I've seen it on blogs and vlogs as many times as I can remember, and not having a matte eye shadow palette, I finally got on the bandwagon, and to be completely honest, it is probably one of the best purchases I've made. I've been using it every single time I put makeup on since I've purchased it and I couldn't be happier with the oh so many looks come out of this one palette. Perfect for day to day looks as well as fancy evenings out. You'll be seeing this a whole lot on the blog!

Since it's Summer and my makeup just doesn't seem to last long enough throughout the day, I was in need of primers. I loved the Urban Decay Original Eyeshadow Primer Potion as you might know from previous posts, so I decided to try out a couple of other primers from the range, and went with the Complextion Primer Potion Brightening and Tightening for my face, and the Eyeshadow Primer Potion in Eden for my eye shadow and concealer, both which did not disappoint! I love using both of them, they definitely keep my makeup on much longer and makeup application is just a lot smoother after applying the two. I totally recommend Urban Decay primers!

Last but not least, my new favourite mascara, the Roller Lash by Benefit. I don't know what took me so long, but for some reason I wasn't drawn into it at all. Some people hate it, some people love it and well, I'm one of the people that absolutely love it, I think you need to know how to use it in order to get the best result, which I learnt from the Benefit They're Real (another favourite). But I'm so impressed with this. I don't need to layer mascaras, one coat is perfect for a natural look, two coats are amazing for long voluminous lashes which is what I go for and it is basically perfect. I've been using it every time I apply makeup and it just makes my whole look. I feel like I need another one soon with the amount of times I'm using it, but it's totally worth the purchase! LOVE!

And that is all for today! I hope you guys enjoyed. Let me know in the comments below what you would recommend for my next makeup purchase? 

Have a great weekend!
Teen Diary
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