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Tuesday, 15 December 2015

My Day In Pink!

Hello lovely!

I was getting ready with my friend a couple of weeks ago and she pointed out how so many of my things are pink which I never really realised until she mentioned it. But they are products I'm obsessed with and really love. So, I thought I'd share my day in pink, which is basically all the pink products that I use on a daily basis, if that's interesting at all!

Starting off with the things I use in the shower, I have been obsessed with The Body Shop's Early-Harvest Raspberry body scrub and shower gel. They literally smell like fresh raspberry yogurt and I can't get over it. I use the scrub everyday and the scent lingers on my skin for the longest time. It is just delicious!

For beauty, these are all products I've spoken about multiple times before but they deserve to be mentioned again. The Beautyblender is an amazing addition to any makeup enthusiast's routine. It gives an airbrushed effect to your base that looks so seamless and lovely. The Roller Lash mascara by Benefit is my absolute favourite, it volumizes and lengthens my lashes like no other mascara just on its own. I genuinely have it on 25 days a month if not 30. As for my nails, INGLOT's nail polish in the shade 715 is all I'll wear. If I manage to have any colour on my nails, this is definitely it. Although I don't have a big collection, I do still have a handful to choose from. But no, 715 is all I use and I'm not complaining!

For some reason, when the cold comes around I tend to eat sweets more than I usually would and recently, I have been enjoying M&S's Rhubarb and Custard Drops which is actually sugar free. It tastes like strawberries and custard and it is very yummy. As for drinks, I've been loving my Earl Grey tea and Drinking Hot Chocolate both from M&S again, you can see them here. Although the drinks aren't pink, my mug is pink and I just think it's quite cute!

More on the random side, I have been loving Bath and Body Works' candle in Warm Vanilla Sugar. It smells very warm, quite sweet in a subtle way and it is just perfect for this season! Another thing I've been loving is my curling wand from Jose Eber. I've been curling my hair more with my curling wand rather than my straightener because I find it's not as damaging on my hair if that's even true at all. I also think my hair looks a lot more voluminous and fresh using the wand. Love!

Pink pieces have been crawling into my closet this year and I am loving it. But my favourites have been my Pink Duster Jacket from Miss Selfridge and my pinkish nude heels from Clarks

And that's my day in pink! What colour takes over your day? 

Lots of love, 
Teen Diary

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