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Wednesday, 15 April 2015

How I Edit My Instagram Photos!

Hello gorgeous!

Photography and writing are probably two of my greatest passions. I love capturing moments and expressing my thoughts through a photo or a pen. But to be completely honest, I am probably one of the worst people when it comes to keeping their social media up to date. Let's just say, tweeting every other hour and posting a photo of my meal everyday isn't one of my talents, unfortunately. 

And although I need a little push when it comes to how often I post, I do try to keep my feed pleasing to the eye. So, I thought I'd show you guys how I edit my Instagram photos!

The editing apps I've been loving are PicsArt, FotoRus and PE-Fotolr, all which you can find on the iPhone App Store. PicsArt and FotoRus have amazing filters and I've been obsessed with them. Most of my edited photos probably have a faded filter of Dodger from PicsArt or Coffee from FotoRus, but if I don't fancy those two I'll just stick to BW from FotoRus or basically no filter at all. As for PE-Fotolr, I just like the blur affect it has under "Portrait - Acne"!

To finish off, here's a little demo on how one of my photos look with the filters!

After blurring everything out but me using the PE-Fotolr app!

Dodger from PicsArt without fading the filter out :)

Coffee from FotoRus, again, without fading it out!

Last but not least, the classic black and white filter from FotoRus!

Other than that, I will probably play with the contrast and temperature of the photos as I post them on Instagram but that is pretty much it! If you'd like to see a video tutorial from how I take my photos up until I post the photo on Instagram, do let me know down below!

Don't forget to follow me on Instagram (YasminVogue) if you'd like and do comment your favourite editing apps or filters as I'd love to check them out!

Until next time,
Teen Diary

Friday, 3 April 2015

My Spring Beauty Picks of 2015: Nude all the way!

Hello gorgeous!

Spring is just around the corner and I am on my way to a new obsession, nude! Nude shades have been my pick for the past two weeks now and I can see it growing into my Spring staple. While most people venture out with all the gorgeous bright shades on their lips and nails, maybe even eyes, I like to stay on the nude side of things. 

For one, I know it suits me and by sticking to a nude beauty bits, I can go all out with bright shades on my clothes without feeling too much, because well, I'm not as brave as most people. 

So here are a few nude beauty pieces that I have been loving!

I've always concentrated on my eyes more than anything else on my face when applying makeup, long voluminous lashes is what does it for me, so when it comes to my lips, I like keeping it quite natural and I have found the perfect shade for me, the Bobbi Brown lipstick in Sandwash Pink has been my go to for months now. 

Another lippie that I've been obsessed with is the Naked lip gloss in Rule 34, I've been eyeing this for months but it's never in stock! I can understand why, it's a gorgeous shade that would suit any skin tone. And it goes with any look!

I am the kind of girl that very rarely spends anytime at all on her nails because let's face it, I either never remember or I would have to do something seconds after applying and it would end up smudging which isn't really a look I like for my nails. But for the sake of Spring, I will give it a try! I've been loving the Inglot nail polish in the shade 823, it's such a gorgeous pink nude that goes with every outfit and lasts quite a long time.

As for eyes, I've actually been venturing out of my neutral "brown, with a little bit of black in the crease to smoke it out" look onto quite a colourful glow with the shade Chopper from the Naked 2 palette on my lid and a dark brown in the crease, it just adds a dewy fresh look that I think is gorgeous for a day to day makeup look throughout the Spring season. It also gives a tan illusion which is never bad!

And that is all! What are your Spring staples this year? Fashion or beauty, let me know in the comments down below!

Stay Gorgeous,
Teen Diary
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