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Saturday, 31 January 2015

Winter Wedding Planning: All about the bridesmaids!

Hello beautiful!

Wedding season runs through Spring and Summer in most places, and you can tell by all the amazing dresses shops put out.. From affordable dresses that fit right into your budget, to high end luxurious dresses most brides just care to glare at. As beautiful as weddings get during the warmer weather.. There are a few brides that wait for frost covered trees, skies and grounds for a perfect luxurious wedding.. And I'm here to give them a little bit of inspiration!

I've always imagined a fairy tale wedding.. The most gorgeous detailed flowy dress, my skin peaking through pretty lace.. Perfectly stunning curls and hidden braids through my hair, then comes the perfect scene.. An amazing Spring day with the perfect weather, blue skies, fresh air, a cool breeze and a hint of the sun as it sets on the beach.. A girl can dream!

It's probably not my wedding anytime soon but being a bridesmaid at a wedding is just as good.

Winter is one of the sweetest most heart warming times to have a wedding.. The cool air that gives you those naturally rosy cheeks and a romantic feel, an all white set up and pretty lavender arrangements on every table waiting for that breathtaking innocent snow white bride. Feels like something off of a Disney movie, but isn't that what brides want?

To go with the all white and lavender theme.. I chose this gorgeous lilac with a tint of grey chiffon dress from Weddington Way, a romantic perfectly messy up do with curls and braids hidden through, a pair of silver strapped heels just to touch up the feminine vibe and to go with that, a gorgeous detailed silver clutch. And of course, you can't forget about the diamonds. So, I kept it simple with a small diamond necklace and matching earrings, and as gorgeous as this look gets, the bride still has her spotlight! And.. for the makeup? Come back next week for a tutorial on 3 simple yet stunning Bridesmaids eye makeup looks!

Do check out Weddington Way right here, they have gorgeous dresses that I'm sure you'd love!

What's your perfect wedding season? Let me know in the comments!

Until tomorrow!
Teen Diary


Saturday, 17 January 2015

OOTD: A warm winter day!

Hello lovely!

I have been desperately waiting for winter this year and as I expected, as soon as it came around, I was urging for the warm summer sun. And to my pleasure, it has come out quite often this winter. So here is a little OOTD of my warm winter day!

I have been loving muted and pretty basic colours this winter. So anything beige, grey, navy, berry-toned or monochrome has definitely grabbed my attention. For this outfit I decided to go for a beige top, some dark jeans and a creamy/navy infinity scarf to warm up the outfit and pull the whole look together, along with my new favourite black boots. 

I have been searching for the perfect black boots since September and I finally got my hands on this gorgeous pair during the winter sale. It wasn't too cheap, but it definitely is worth it. I always wear my boots out!

I hope you guys enjoyed this post. Do let me know what your favourite winter outfits are, I'd love to recreate some of your ideas!

Until next time,
Teen Diary



Friday, 16 January 2015

A quick update!

Hello gorgeous!

I have been on and off with my blog for quite some time now as you all might have noticed, but I have been missing it so much, hence I have been around. So instead of posting an OOTD, a haul or a review to keep you hanging in there until I can be here full time, I thought I'd post an update just to tell you guys where I've been, why I've been lacking and let you in a bit more. If you're not interested, you can come back tomorrow for an OOTD :)

But to those who do want to know more.. Let's start from the beginning:

I got into Journalism in university this year as writing, photography and expressing my little thoughts to an amount of people are a huge passion of mine. Little did I know, it would be taking up all of my time; I do love it but it has been keeping me quite busy, the things we take in university are mostly political and I'm not a huge fan of politics but nonetheless, I am enjoying it. I have had a break obviously, but that went to my social life, so I hope you don't mind.

I have been wanting to give my blog a good revamp. I know a lot of you guys like it as it is, but I definitely want to upgrade it. I want higher quality posts and better photos, I also want different categories, a category for beauty lovers, another for 'fashionistas', as well as a special place for my photography, and an insight on journalism. Let me know your opinion on that!

I do have a lot of goals for the blog this year, I won't call them 'resolutions' because those don't usually happen and I really do want to stick to the things I have in mind. So let's just call them my 'blog goals'.

You should be expecting a lot more of me from now on, so do let me know what you'd like to see. You can email me, tweet me here, instagram me here, or leave a comment down below. I really do want to interact with you guys more!

I can't wait to start!

Lots of love,
Teen Diary

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