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Thursday, 31 July 2014

What's In My Makeup Bag 2014!

Hello everyone!

I was enjoying some mini pancakes last night and watching back to back videos of different beauty gurus on YouTube and it just really made me want to post something for you guys to read. But, I didn't have my laptop on me so it wasn't really an option. 

Nonetheless, I'm here now, and I have decided to show you all what I have in my makeup bag, which I thought would be convenient after showing you all what's in my bag! 

Let's get into it, shall we?

Clutch from Clutch Line

First things first, I store my makeup in this cute little clutch that I got from Clutch Line which is an Etsy shop as mentioned in my last post. The quality of it is actually amazing and I just find the little hearts so cute. Also, I love almost anything with a beige and navy blue combination. I do use this as a clutch as well, and it fits all my makeup essentials, my iPhone, keys and some money when I need it, but for now it's working well as my makeup bag! 

Dandelion lip gloss from Benefit 

I have the mini Dandelion Ultra Plush lip gloss which I got from the Feelin' Dandy lip and cheek kit by Benefit. I love this lip gloss! It gives absolutely perfect sheer pink glossy lips that aren't sticky or annoying on the lips. They feel amazing and they just last for a good amount of time. So, I just love keeping this in my makeup bag just in case I need a glossy touch. It literally changes your whole look!

Intense Pink 140Pink Pop 900 lipsticks by Maybelline 

I am basically turning into a lipstick addict lately which isn't really great but I have been loving the Maybelline lipsticks! They have such great colours and give you an amazing finish. So, I just have two of those on me. Intense Pink is a light pink that looks amazing with pretty much every makeup look, and then Pink Pop is a bright pink that is completely out of my comfort zone but a teacher of mine has a similar colour and I literally want it every time I see it on her, so I thought I'd step away of my strict nude, light pink tones and give this a try!

Lip Junkie lip gloss by Urban Decay 

Next up is an Urban Decay lip gloss in the shade Naked which I got with my Naked palette. I love the minty scent to this, it gives amazing glossy lips and it also plumps your lips which is never a bad thing. I really need to get a full size of this!

A random favourite lip gloss

Last but not least for my lippies, which for some reason, I feel the need to have a lot in my makeup bag, I have this random lip gloss my aunt gave me which I believe she got from a beauty shop nearby. It's a really pretty light pink shade with a gold shimmer to it. I just love it. Definitely one of my favourites!

Stay Don't Stray primer by Benefit 

I got the sample version of this with a purchase last year and I have loved it ever since! It slightly covers up and at the same time primes your eyes for concealer and eye shadow. It really works so well and I love using it. My face makeup could slide off my face after a whole day of having it on, but my eyes will literally stay put with this!

Pro Longwear concealer by MAC
This is appearing darker due to lighting and editing!

If you've been on my blog for a while, you'd know I am basically addicted to this concealer. I go on and on about it all the time because I just love it. It gives great coverage, it lasts a long time and it is just perfect for day to day use or even a once in a week fancy night out. One down side is that I can hardly ever find my shade because it runs out of stock pretty quick. I'm currently using NW20 and I'd much prefer a lighter shade. Nonetheless, I love having it in my makeup bag. So handy!

Studio Fix Fluid foundation by MAC
Also appearing darker due to the same reasons!

Another favourite piece in my makeup bag has to be the MAC Studio Fix Fluid foundation which I absolutely love. It gives the best coverage, it lasts long and you get a great finish. I try not to use this too often because it is costly, but sometimes I just can't help it. I am yet to find a better foundation!

Dream Lumi Touch Highlighting Conealer by Maybelline 

This little one I thought I'd give a try a couple of months ago, highly doubting it would work well, but to my surprise, it is amazing. It gives such good coverage for a drugstore concealer, it lasts a while and it is perfect if you don't want to spend too much on an everyday product. The only thing I wish it had is more product. I still love it though!

Superpowder Double Face foundation by Clinique 


Next up I have my Clinique powder foundation. I love using this with a little bit of concealer on my 'good skin' days, it's a lovely foundation, and to prove that, I hit pan and I'm still making use out of every tiny bit before I throw it away. 

Blush in Orgasm by NARS

This pretty blush, I don't normally have in my makeup bag because it is a high end blush that I don't want to use up too quickly, but I have been needing a luxurious blush for times where I want to look pretty and this just gives me a great finish. I love the coral with gold shimmer. Definitely perfect for summer!

Blush from a random shop 

You probably have seen this in quite a few posts. I purchased this a while back from a random makeup shop and it has been my everyday blush ever since. It's such a pretty pink that I find very flattering on my skin, and it has basically lasted for ages. It's also drugstore priced which is amazing!

Free Brushes from Lancome 

I also keep two brushes with me, one for blush and the other one for my eye makeup. Although, they're nothing fancy since I did get them for free after a makeup splurge in Lancome two years ago, I have been using them ever since. Typically, I'll use the smaller brush to apply eye shadow on my lower lash line or correct eye shadow on my top lash line and it works great.

Volum' Express One by One mascara by Maybelline

I have tried many mascaras as they do run out a lot quicker than most makeup and I must say this is one of my top 5 high end and drugstore mascaras. It enhances the length of your lashes very well and gives amazing volume. I'm loving it!

Master Precise liquid eyeliner by Maybelline 

Last but not least is my Master Precise liquid eyeliner. Again, this is a product I use everyday. It's amazing if you'd like to go thick or thin, it applies effortlessly and it's an overall great eyeliner that I just love having on me at all times.

I know this was such a long post and I have way more than I need in my makeup bag, but I have been out so much recently all day long, and at times I won't have enough time to apply makeup at home, or I'm just running errands in the morning and I can't go back home to put on my 'day out' makeup, so having my go-to's on me is a huge help.

I hope you enjoyed this post after such a long wait. Leave me comments below of what you love having in your makeup bag or products you think I would love!

Until next time,
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