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Thursday, 27 February 2014

Coming up...

Hello Gorgeous!

I'm finally back after a month of being busy and I'm quite excited to say I have a whole agenda for next month's posts! I will be putting up one post everyday the entire month. And I just may be posting my very first video! 

Do follow me on Instagram for a few sneak peeks and well, fairly because I'd love to connect with you somehow! My Instagram is @diamondcrust and even though the account is private, I will accept your request and follow back! 

Here's a little sneak peek to what you'll be seeing!

An updated hair care routine

A little makeup review + Beauty showdown

3 outfits, 1 skirt  - which just might be a video! 

Don't forget to come back and follow me on Instagram for updates, sneak peeks and more! Also, leave me your requests for upcoming posts and it might just be one of the posts I put up! 

Until next time, 
Teen Diary 



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