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Sunday, 9 June 2013

Tag: 15 Fashion Questions!

Hello lovely!

Summer's around the corner and I literally can't wait because that means more blogging! I have so much planned for you guys and I'm just a week away from doing it all. One thing you'll see a lot of is beauty, fashion, and even random tags. But since one week is absolute ages in blog time (yes, that's a thing....), I thought I'd start now!

1) What's your favourite style to wear?
I love tons of different styles; and anything that looks good in my eyes is immediately great. But one thing I tend to do in every single outfit I own, is make it look girly somehow. I'm a female obviously and well, why not enhance that? I'm a true girly girl. I just love feminine, pretty things. I love dresses, skirts, florals, bows and pretty details. It's an addiction
2) Who is your fashion role model?
There are so many fashion icons out there and the amount I love are endless. Let me just express my love towards the fantastic wardrobes a few TV shows flaunt.. I'm basically speechless. From 90210, Pretty Little Liars all the way to Gossip Girl.. Love love love! Two fashion icons I'm practically in love with are Blair Waldorf and Serena Van Der Woodsen. Their sense of style is breath taking, which is why I dedicated a whole post to these Fashionistas which you can check out here! Another fashion icon I love is Ivanka Trump, she's classy, elegant, and simply gorgeous! And I can't leave out the girl that speaks feminine all over.. Taylor Swift! Whatever she has on, she just has to add that soft touch, and I love it!

3) What do you always have on?

Hmm.. This question could mean two things:
1. What I like wearing on a daily basis - It actually depends on my mood; I love cute tees and I'll have them on a lot, but I've also been into maxi dresses just because they give me a good feel and for some reason, I like looking nice when I study... And then there are those days where sweatpants and messy buns are perfect. So basically, I don't have a daily thing and I probably didn't answer the question right if this was the purpose of it...

2. Something I have on 24/7 - Something I have on literally all the time is my diamond earrings. My mum bought them for me on my birthday a few years ago and I just love them!

4) What are your favourite jeans?

I have a hard time finding jeans that actually fit me the way I want so this has been a battle. Not gonna lie, I've had to purchase jeans from the kids section a lot of times. That was until I started trying out the skinny jeans in Forever 21 and figured they were made for people like me. They've been the only jeans I have been purchasing ever since.

5) What are your favourite sunglasses?

Honestly, I don't really wear sunglasses let alone purchase them that often. I do like the ones they have at Forever 21 and such stores, the pretty prints on the frames are really nice, and I've actually bought a few for summer just for that funky cute touch but otherwise, I'm not really a sunglasses type of person..

6) What are your favourite pair of shoes?

Converse! I am in love with converse. I'd love to have them in every single colour and print out there. Seriously, my love for them is crazy. I've had an addiction before, and it's back again thanks to all those beautiful photos of them on Tumblr and Instagram!

7) Who influenced you to write about fashion?

I've had a thing for fashion for ages and I love watching YouTubers talk about their fashion favourites or beauty products that they can't live without, as well as their hauls and so on. I also love watching talk shows when they're about fashion and beauty, not to mention reading reviews and browsing fashion blogs so all that has definitely influenced me and got me excited to bring out this side and I wish I started earlier. I've actually been wanting to start a blog for ages until my mum actually encouraged me to do so.

8) Who is your favourite fashion person on YouTube?

It seems like I have no direct answer to any of these questions! But I love tons of YouTubers from Bethany Mota, Blair Fowler, Amanda Steele all the way to Zoella, Tanya Burr, Fleur, Heart and many more. They all have amazing videos and their sense of style and fashion is heart warming! I actually have a whole post about my YouTube Favourites which you can check out here!

9) What is your favourite store?

I like having a variety of different choice so I tend to shop in more than just a couple of stores, so I'll just list the shops I tend to go in more:

- Forever 21
- Zara
- M&S
- Saks
- Hazelnut
- Gap
- Seventh Heaven
- Juicy Couture

10) What is your favourite fabric?

My favourite fabric.. This is hard because there are so many, but I'll go for cotton seeing as it's so soft and is extremely gentle on the skin. Although, cotton isn't my main focus when I'm shopping.

11) Who is your favourite model?

Honestly, I don't really follow up with whole modelling world, so I don't have a favourite model atm.

12) If you had $5000 to spend on any item, but just one, what would it be?

Well.. I can't spend $5000 on shoes or a dress so, I'm gonna say a Designer bag of my mum's choice, because I absolutely love her taste when it comes to these things. If I fail to find that perfect bag, I'd go for a Rolex watch. God, they are stunning!

13) Heels or flats?

Flats! I love heels and as gorgeous as they are, we have a lot of misunderstandings. But flats and I.. We click.

14) What purse do you currently use?

I'm currently using one of the Timeless Chihuahua collection bags by Paris Hilton. It's a pastel pink with black leather that's just perfect for summer. I may be doing an updated What's In My Bag post soon, so if you'd like to see that, comment below! Updated because I previously made one, you may check it out here!

15) Is fashion in your blood or your jeans?

Definitely in my blood. Probably why I'm such a shopaholic as well. I love looking at old family photos and seeing all those items I wish they'd sell now. My mum and grandma are all about that feminine classy look and I love the fact that it runs through my blood.

Well, that's all I guess! I've had loads of fun doing this post, so if you have any tags in mind for me to do in the future, you may comment below, or you could just comment with answers to some of the questions above, I'd love to know about your fashion sense!

Hope you enjoyed!
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  1. I looove Zoella, Tanya & Fleur too! Have you checked out Missglamorazzi on YouTube? :)

    Holly |


    1. I have! I've been watching her videos lately and I really like her xx

  2. I love gossip girl I was so sad when it ended!

    1. I was too! I heard a movie's coming out :) x


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