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Sunday, 16 June 2013

My fashion picks: eFoxCity!

Hello gorgeous!

It's finally summer! Taking all of that stress off my shoulders and being able to spend my time doing whatever I like is simply amazing! Sadly, I have a week of doing some community service [school-related] before I could start enjoying my time.

To give me a good sense of summer, clothes have never failed. That's when I was asked to pick three items from eFoxCity - but, there was a twist.. I had three key words: Sexy women dresses, wholesale women pants & women's blouses. Meaning, I had one choice of each, using all three.

And well, that wasn't very easy.. As soon as I took a dive into the tops section, I was a hungry kitten with more than a pawful of food options. Except in my case, the food was all the amazing tops with completely different styles, designs and even shapes. Which is why, I'm leaving my choice of tops till last!

Let's begin....

#Dresses [ sexy women dresses ]

Floral is in & this dress is perfect! Capturing all the bright colours from red to yellow and blue, this dress is not only girly thanks to the floral, but it's also as bold as you could get! For a day out with your friends, hanging at the beach or even a fancy event, this is the dress you want in your closet. You could throw on a simple cardigan and pretty sandals and you're good to go!

#Bottoms [ wholesale women pants ]

But my lovely fashionistas, floral isn't all that's in! Checkered leggings have managed to get some spotlights of their own. You could throw on a coral flowly top, a beautiful blazer, or even those adorable crop tops! The black and white go with basically everything. Add a touch of colour and go for a bright sweater, you'll look stunning without even trying!

#Tops [ women's blouses ]

I am in love with this piece of beautiful chiffon. Summer means tons of pool parties with your girlfriends, cousins and family. So, pairing this with some denim shorts and bright bando or bikini top underneath will definitely look super cute! Basically, you could dress this up, or dress it down! I'd probably pair it with navy skinny jeans and a coral vest underneath. Class with a sprinkle of cute!

Be sure to check out eFoxCity and take a look at their items! I must say, they have beautiful pieces at the best prices! This was hard but I'm pretty pleased with my choices. What do you think? Any thoughts?  Scroll through their stuff and let me know what your 3 picks are!

Hope you enjoyed!

Until next time,
Teen Diary



  1. love efoxcity

  2. That flower dress is so cute.. and I really love the aqua colored pants in the last pic. Really want to find myself a pair!! :)

    1. Glad you like my picks! x
      If you're not willing to purchase them online, I believe f21 has a pair :)


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