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Tuesday, 28 May 2013

My perfect summer outfits: SheInside

Hello lovelies!

Summer is right outside the door and what does that mean? Shopping! Ah.. Summer. Flip flops, iced tea in the shade, blue skies, late nights, water fights, ice cream, pool parties, sleeping in.. And a whole new wardrobe!

I've been on the hunt for new clothes and all the pretty colours I want to flaunt this summer and basically, a shopaholic like me just never gets enough! My addiction is quite sad, but I'm loving it right now and so should you!

I was scrolling around and browsing tons of fashion sites until I bumped into SheInside, and well, my credit card is no longer weeping. From girly florals, galaxy prints, stripes & polka dots to punk, it's all there! Not only do they have a 15-35% sale, but you also get an extra 15% off using a coupon code after signing up! Drum roll please.... You've got yourself a bargain!

I've been loving this site so typically, I made a collage of my SheInside perfect summer outfits!


I L O V E this outfit! The lace shorts, the floral vest, the blazer, it's all in! Classy & a sprinkle of fun blown right onto your outfit for a perfect summer day. These shorts look super comfy and I'd love to have them on all summer long. The floral top gives you a girly touch and that cheerful look. Who wouldn't want that for summer?! The skull bracelet is my addition for a simple sass. So basically, with this outfit, you're bound to look good without even trying!

One is never over-dressed or underdressed with a Little Black Dress. In this case, a little floral dress! The pretty pastel blended with pink and creamy flowers scream 'Look at me'! Every girl wants a sundress for the summer, and this right here, is perfect! The golden necklace gives your girly look just the right edge!


How cute is this? I'm in love with every single piece. I've always wanted a flowy, 3/4 cut sleeve top but failed miserably trying to find one until SheInside decided to please my needs. You can tuck the front in your sweet-heart shorts or just let it flow. Either way, super cute! The shoes add a touch of colour and the cam necklace captures all that cuteness giving you your girl-next-door look in the cutest way!


You know those days where you stay up till sunrise and sleep in all afternoon, waking up and not caring about anything around you? Well this look is the one for those casual, not too bothered days! The top speaks for you and those shorts are right there to comfort you. The ring spices up this outfit, and even in your careless days, you're too cute! Give this look some wavy curls and you're good to go!


Last but not least, a Hawaiian adventure right in your closet! The amazing Hawaiian shorts give this simple white blouse an awesome sprinkle of fun. I obviously have an obsession with all the SheInside accessories and after having to pick which one I'd prefer, this bicycle necklace just screams summer! Biking on beach decks with the wind running through your hair, having a blast with your friends. Photographs will be sure to capture every memorable moment with this outfit on!
I've been waiting for summer anxiously and with SheInside now in my shopping list, I couldn't be more excited! Their pieces are absolutely amazing and I literally don't know how I'm gonna shop without maxing out my credit card!
So, before you hit the ATM and start shopping for summer, make sure to check out and buy away! Don't forget to sign up for that 15% off coupon code!
Leave a comment down below and let me know your favourite out of these 5 outfits, or you could put your own outfit together and send me a photo, I'll put it up with your name as an addition to this post!
Hope you enjoyed,
Teen Diary


    Kisses from Miami,

  2. cool blog! ;D

  3. love that find your blog!!!! Nice supmmer sets and thanks for comments

    1. You're very welcome, thank you! x

  4. how can I follow you?

    1. Go to your reading list, choose 'add' and paste the link to my blog!

      I'll be glad to follow back x

  5. Hey! Finally had the time to write on your blog! Great stuff by the way! ;D

    1. You can write whenever you want! :)

      Thank you! Glad you liked them x

  6. I love the second outfit! The color is beautiful

    1. I love it too! Perfect for summer!

  7. I love those heart print denim shorts!

  8. I love number 3 so much!
    Love them all actually! :)
    Love your blog!<3

    1. I'm glad you like them! Appreciate the love x
      Following back :)


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