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Sunday, 19 May 2013

Makeup Review: Lipfinity Colour And Gloss Lip gloss by MacFactor

Hello readers!

It's been ages since I posted and I truly missed this blog to bits. To know why I've been away for so long, you'll have to wait for my explanation post. But until then, you may enjoy what's to come!

I've been trying out loads of drugstore products all in search of the perfect drugstore foundation, concealer, lip product, pallet, mascara and so on. Along the way, I'll go through some yays and nays and that's where I'll be giving YOU my reviews.

Let's begin!

Lipfinity Colour And Gloss Lip gloss by MaxFactor

MaxFactor always has one of the most eye-appealing adverts on TV. I'm not one to be seduced by things I see on TV, but the hair, the dress, the makeup.. It's all so perfect! Basically, their adverts have that wow factor, fitting the brand's name perfectly!

I went into Boots looking for a lip product which could have been anything since I was quite desperate for something new. I decided to go for the Shimmer Pink 500 from the Lipfinity Colour And Gloss Lip gloss collection by MaxFactor.

So pink & shimmery, who wouldn't want such a pretty thing?!

I left thinking I just bought something that would give me just the look I wanted. Girly, feminine, fresh, and just the right shine. Sadly, I was wrong. As soon as I put it on, it gave my lips this swelling feeling. I'm not quite sure if it's just me or if that was meant to happen. Some might think, "oh, that's amazing! What is she on about.. who wouldn't want full lips?!" but it's actually otherwise. You feel them swelling but in reality, nothing is actually happening. Your lips are just going numb. Yikes


To be fair, I didn't know there are two steps into applying this gloss. As you can see, the darker shade goes on first, and then you add the shimmer. I decided to apply Step 2 first. Left it on for about five minutes. It dried up so I went with Step 1 not knowing they both 'complete' each other (how cute). My lips were a mess and I wasn't very pleased so I just wiped it all off in utter disappointment.

About a day later, I figured the whole steps thing and I was very excited thinking I could have been wrong about this product. So I applied the gloss, Step 1 to 2 and waited. Literally 2 seconds later, my lips were completely dried up looking like I just coloured them with a crayon. It was that bad, no exaggeration.

I tried using a lip balm before applying, but it didn't work. I'm guessing the chemicals used to make this are meant to dry up but I'm sure it wasn't supposed to give you that ugly effect. But to boost up the creators of this gloss, it actually smells really good so an applause for that!

This Lip gloss is supposed to create a 3D high-light and low-light effect with one rich colour base and one glossy top coat giving you long-lasting colour for up to 10 hours. But honestly, you do not want this on your lips for over 5 minutes.

So my lovely readers, this was a huge NAY and I won't be purchasing anything from this collection anytime soon.

If any of you have tried this, leave a comment below on your opinion about it. If not, what are your favourite drugstore lip products? Also, anything you want me to try for my next lip product review? Just let me know!

I hope you enjoyed this post, it's great to be back!

Lots of love,
Teen Diary

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