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Thursday, 24 January 2013

The X Factor: Sweetest Sounds

Hello readers!

Since I've been on YouTube a lot lately, I decided to watch a few videos of UK X Factor, 2011, and I'm so sad I missed that season! I missed out on an explosion of talent, from One Direction, to Cher Lloyd, and then I found someone else..

 A beautiful, relatively innocent person with an incredible voice comes on stage and sings straight from the heart, and wows the crowd every single time. Her performances are mesmerizing, unique and are known to leave you with goose bumps. She's the perfect example of someone who stays true to themeselves throughout the fame..

So if you watched that season, I'll give you a second to guess....


Performing Your Song on her Audition

Her shyness is so cute, I must say, as if she doesn't even realize how amazing she is. Her voice is so angelic!

If you liked that, stay tune for her new album that's excepted to come out this Spring!

Let me know who was YOUR favourite that season in the comments below!

Hope you enjoyed this,
Teen Diary.

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