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Thursday, 24 January 2013

Glam it up with MsDressy!

Hello lovelies!

Almost every single girl has dreamt of being a celebrity on the red carpet, dressing up like their favourite stars and getting that spotlight all to themselves, with a gorgeous dress, sparkling heels and a hot guy in their arm.

Well, pop that dreaming bubble! Because now it can become a reality with MsDressy's Celebrity look alike dresses!

These are definitely my favourites:

Now EVERY girl wants to be a Victoria Secrets model, and this is just perfect! You could get the look for just $145.24!

Want a princessy feel? This is perfect and will surely give you that spotlight, for just $173.59!

Who doesn't want a little red dress in their closet? This is just gorgeous! It flatters your figure, skin tone no matter how light or dark you are, and grabs everyones' attention instantly for the perfect price of $112.19!

People went crazy when Kim Kardashian launched Millions of Milkshakes in Dubai and Bahrain! Interested in her Dubai look? You can get it for $162.64!

While I was browsing through the site, I just had to check out their cocktail dresses and these captured my eyes right aways:

Let's take a moment to catch our breath, 'cause this dress is AMAZING. Fun sparkly glitter with a touch of softness given by the skirt is just too pretty! I'd be looking at this all the time if it was in my closet! This comes at $146.64

Look like a princess at just $136.39!

Nothing could go wrong with this dress. My heart is actually melting right now. This one's for $122.84!

Everyone wants to look like a goddess and this, well, this is perfection! It flatters your figure and gives you that 'I did not spend hours getting ready because I'm simply gorgeous naturally' look for $112.64!

Last but not least, this unique piece of art is the answer if you wanna stand out, I also believe it has a Swifty vibe :) this one's at $185.14!

There were many more but this post would have been endless if I posted everything I liked! Be sure to check out MsDressy's site, and make use of their Spring Sale!

Comment below and tell me which one you like best!

Stay glamorous,
Teen Diary.


  1. Lovely dresses! Really like the Goddess one.
    I know that actress from something recently but I can't think where from!
    Argh - hate it when that happens.

    1. It's one of my favourites! Really thinking of getting it and doing a photoshoot :) glad you like it! And now that you mention it, I forget as well, haha.

  2. super lovely blog

    where can I follow you, I can't find the follower box


    1. Glad you like it, thank you! x

      I just added the follow button :)

  3. lovely blog :) want to follow eachother?


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