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Thursday, 24 January 2013

Glam it up with MsDressy!

Hello lovelies!

Almost every single girl has dreamt of being a celebrity on the red carpet, dressing up like their favourite stars and getting that spotlight all to themselves, with a gorgeous dress, sparkling heels and a hot guy in their arm.

Well, pop that dreaming bubble! Because now it can become a reality with MsDressy's Celebrity look alike dresses!

These are definitely my favourites:

Now EVERY girl wants to be a Victoria Secrets model, and this is just perfect! You could get the look for just $145.24!

Want a princessy feel? This is perfect and will surely give you that spotlight, for just $173.59!

Who doesn't want a little red dress in their closet? This is just gorgeous! It flatters your figure, skin tone no matter how light or dark you are, and grabs everyones' attention instantly for the perfect price of $112.19!

People went crazy when Kim Kardashian launched Millions of Milkshakes in Dubai and Bahrain! Interested in her Dubai look? You can get it for $162.64!

While I was browsing through the site, I just had to check out their cocktail dresses and these captured my eyes right aways:

Let's take a moment to catch our breath, 'cause this dress is AMAZING. Fun sparkly glitter with a touch of softness given by the skirt is just too pretty! I'd be looking at this all the time if it was in my closet! This comes at $146.64

Look like a princess at just $136.39!

Nothing could go wrong with this dress. My heart is actually melting right now. This one's for $122.84!

Everyone wants to look like a goddess and this, well, this is perfection! It flatters your figure and gives you that 'I did not spend hours getting ready because I'm simply gorgeous naturally' look for $112.64!

Last but not least, this unique piece of art is the answer if you wanna stand out, I also believe it has a Swifty vibe :) this one's at $185.14!

There were many more but this post would have been endless if I posted everything I liked! Be sure to check out MsDressy's site, and make use of their Spring Sale!

Comment below and tell me which one you like best!

Stay glamorous,
Teen Diary.

The X Factor: Sweetest Sounds

Hello readers!

Since I've been on YouTube a lot lately, I decided to watch a few videos of UK X Factor, 2011, and I'm so sad I missed that season! I missed out on an explosion of talent, from One Direction, to Cher Lloyd, and then I found someone else..

 A beautiful, relatively innocent person with an incredible voice comes on stage and sings straight from the heart, and wows the crowd every single time. Her performances are mesmerizing, unique and are known to leave you with goose bumps. She's the perfect example of someone who stays true to themeselves throughout the fame..

So if you watched that season, I'll give you a second to guess....


Performing Your Song on her Audition

Her shyness is so cute, I must say, as if she doesn't even realize how amazing she is. Her voice is so angelic!

If you liked that, stay tune for her new album that's excepted to come out this Spring!

Let me know who was YOUR favourite that season in the comments below!

Hope you enjoyed this,
Teen Diary.

Friday, 11 January 2013

What's In My Bag

Hey lovelies!

I've been on YouTube way too much lately and I've watched more than a handful of "What's in my Bag?" videos. So, I decided to do a post about what's in MY bag, and instead of making a video, I'll be posting photos!

Let's start...

I slide my hand in and the first thing to brush against my finger tips are a couple of nail polish! I got these from Claire's along with 4 more in the Fall Shades. I'm not usually a big fan of sheer nail polish, but these I love, the light pink gives my finger tips a soft nude touch and and the sheer brown just glams it up!

A few Juicy Couture hairbands when I need them. I keep more than one because they always seem to get lost.. :(

And now, my makeup bag!

#Eye Makeup

These are the perfect Eye Shadow tones! I bought this from Lancome and it was in the Fall Limited Edition. I'm addicted to the Dark Grey on the top left. It works wonders when attempting a smokey eye!

These two I bought from INGLOT and absolutely love! The one on the left is a light brown with a shimmery gold effect, and the one on the right is called Pearl, hence the pearly colour. They make your eyes pop in the best of ways!

I am in love with liquid eyeliner! It stays longer, it looks better, and it never turns into a mess! To be fairly honest, this Lancome liquid liner is my first step away from pencil eyeliner, so from what I know, this is perfection! Also, remember how I mentioned those spiders for eyelashes in my big makeup No Nos' post? Well this 'Doll Eyes' Mascara gives you double coating, longer lashes, and not a chance of spider lashes!

Turquoise eyeliner on your water line is H.O.T! I haven't used this in ages but I can't seem to take it out of my bag!


INGLOT Full Coverage Concealer

 MAC Powder Foundation

MAC Liquid Foundation

I have no clue why I have all this when I end up using my Mac liquid foundation every time. I get this secure feeling when I have back up, I suppose? MAC Foundations are always amazing, I only got my INGLOT concealer recently, and I'm very pleased with it!


I just seem to have an obsession with Labello Lip Balms and have to leave one in my bag at all times! They smell so good and the packaging is too cute! This literally smells like sparked candy.

Okay, I tell a lie.. I have four. Mmmm..

I've been buying this lip gloss from the drugstore/pharmacy for years and it is AH-MAZING! This  Watermelon Scented sheer pink gloss with a gorgeous glow gives you lips like sugaaar ;)

Another lovely thing from the drugstore! This one's in Juicy Pink and I've tried a few others, they're definitely the answer when you want gorgeous, flattering, kissable lips!

Bald, classy, sun-kissed lips right here! + The bonus of its amazing scent <3


I love cute organisers, and this? Well no words can describe how happy I am to purchase this! Stay tuned for a whole post about this new collection!

My sister left this in my bag before she went to school, we bought this from Claire's. She has 'Little Sister' and I have 'Big Sister' which I'm wearing right now :)

I got this as a gift along with 4 others and I think it's the cutest thing! The packaging, the size and even how good it smells!

Cupcake lip balm from Virgin, I actually never used the lip balm, but the cupcake is adorable!

Cute much?! My cousin gave it to me 2 weeks ago and just aw!

I found this bracelet in an Exhibition and it's just so pretty! Love how soft and feminine the ropes are, and the anker just gives the whole thing a golden twist!

My Blackberry!

Chewing gum, flower pin from Forever 21 that I pinned to my hat, and a fluff ball that fell off my scarf.. Don't judge

Last but not least, my iPhone charger! With its horrible battery life, I need this in my bag at all times!

Well, that's all really.. It's sad because the girls in every video I've seen either have Granola bars, water, and well I'm just not that person, unfortunately..

I have a little bit of change in the corners of my bag which I didn't think was neccesary, I also can't seem to find my purse. Uh oh..

Finally, I'd like to say I didn't show my bag because this is basically what I'll have in every bag I use. But if you want to see it, leave a comment below and I'll post a photo!

I hope you enjoyed this post, leave a comment and tell me what you think, or even what you love having in your bag!

Until next time,
Teen Diary

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

The Greatest Gift of All

Hello readers,

First.. A very late..

I hope you had a great start to the year, an unforgettable new years, and just loads of creativity ahead of you. I have a huge post all about it coming very soon, stay tuned ;)

But for this post, well, I've been seeing on almost every teen social network, kids or teenagers complaining about their parents, whether it's not letting them do what they want, getting into their business or even telling them off.  I'm a teenager myself so I understand we all want our freedom, we all want to live it up, 'it's my life' and 'what I do is none of anyones' business'...

..but whoa there, let's rewind a little bit and go 14? 15? 16? 17? [ However old you are ] years back, right when you were in your mother's stomach, giving her a big belly, stretch marks and what not. Okay, so there you are in her stomach, she held you for 9 months, not 1, not 2, but 9 months, that isn't easy if you think about it. She bared with all the cravings, went through all the morning sickness, and then you come out, there's your mum facing one of the most painful things giving birth to you, yet she holds you in her arms with the biggest smile on her face, saying you're so pretty/handsome when you actually look like a frog.

After that, she goes through sleepless nights, having to change your diaper every hour, feeding you, bathing you, and a couple of years later, your nonstop whining and complaining, but wait, it doesn't get better yet, because you start talking and ask questions about every single thing that pops into your mind. But has your mum complained? Even once? ..No she didn't. She never told you to leave her alone because it's her life. And remember, she could still be living up her 20s, but no, she dedicated all her time to you, happily even.

Now you're a teenager, you wanna do what you want without anyone stopping you, you wanna skip studying and then say you did your best in that math test, expecting your mum to pat you in the back. Well.. That's not how it works, our parents gave up so much to raise us, give us what we want even if they don't have the money to hand it to us, they still do, and whenever they yell at you for not doing well or when they don't let you go out or when they take your laptop away, it may not seem that way, but trust me, it's for your own good. They are the only people who will care about you no matter what. You could turn into a criminal but you'll still be the best in their eyes. Where will you ever find someone who loves you like that? They dedicated their lives to you, to watch you become the best, not to have you ruining your life because you think you should just because you're a teenager.

And to those who say they'll never be like their parents, they'll be their child's best friend, and support whatever they do, even if it's getting bad grades. So, let's clear things up.. You'll never care about your children? You'll support them going out, getting laid, drinking? You'll accept it if your child fails? Well lemme break it to you, no you won't. Stop making your parents look like the bad guy when all they're doing is building a life for you. And about them not being your best friend, well, have you ever given them the chance?..

There are kids who have lost their parents in wars, to illness, there are kids who were abandoned, wishing they could see their parents, even for a day. And there you are, complaining about the greatest gift you'll ever have? Come on..

I'm not the perfect daughter, and I wish I was, but I had enough of seeing those people complaining, not even knowing how precious what they have is.

Sorry for the long post, but I hope it touched you, even a bit.

Until next time,
Teen Diary.
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