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Monday, 9 December 2013

OOTD: Stripes and Knits!

Hello gorgeous!

A lot of you asked me for more fashion posts and as I'm slowly coming out of my shell, here's another Outfit of the Day post! I actually enjoy doing these, so if you'd like more, just let me know! Also, if you missed my last one, you may check it out here

I've had this skirt for over a year and haven't really worn it much, so looking through my wardrobe, I thought I'd dress it down for a cute day out look by pairing it with a a beige knit sweater, sheer black tights and well, boots are my winter essentials so what better than my favourite pair of booties!

Knit sweater: Forever 21 - Striped skirt: Forever 21 - Tights: Marks & Spencers - Boots: Dune 

And that is it! I would like to know if showing my face would make these photos more interesting to you and if you're keen to see more of these posts! Do let me know in the comments below!

Until next time,
Teen Diary

Friday, 6 December 2013

OOTD: Simply Chic!

Hello lovely,

I have yet another OOTD for you! I had a few errands to run the other day, and what better than being comfortable when you have a bunch of stuff to do?

I paired this burnt red/maroon fitted top with a pair of dark navy blue jeans, and to spice it up a bit, I went with a colourful bag that goes with my top and a pair of black ankle booties which are very comfortable to walk in, and keep me warm when it gets a lil chilly.

Top: Forever 21 - Jeans: Forever 21 - Boots: Dion - Handbag: Love Moschino 

And that is it! I'm planning to do OOTDs more often, if you'd like seeing them, let me know! I'm also going to be doing a winter lookbook soon, so stay tuned for that!

Stay stylish,
Teen Diary

Thursday, 28 November 2013

My Favourite Makeup Products!

Hello gorgeous!

My love for makeup is always growing, playing around and discovering new must haves in my makeup collection is just delightful. And with collecting makeup for the past few years, I have found my go to makeup products that just make me feel like a princess.

Let's get started..


I have only recently started using primers and to be honest, I sometimes skip but when I want that princess-feel and a perfect face of makeup, I'll always reach out to the POREfessional primer by benefit. I love the smooth surface it gives my face, leaving it oil-free for quite a while and it makes all the difference.

For foundation, I'll either use Pro-Longwear liquid foundation by MAC which gives great coverage that lasts all day, or Superpower Double Face powder foundation by Clinique, which makes a great base, lightens up my face and gives enough coverage. I would not use both together because in my opinion, that's a big beauty mistake, but those are my two options depending on where I'm going, how much coverage I need that day and how long I want it to last.

For concealer, my ultimate favourite is Pro Longwear concealer by MAC. I am running low and I went to MAC the other day but they didn't have my shade so I'm being a little stingy with this, but I love it, I love how it hides all the unpleasant dark circles under my eyes and it just brightens up my face more than any other concealer I've tried.


I love NARS when it comes to their blush. They have gorgeous colours that just feel so luxurious and look really pretty. I love the shade Orgasm which is a peachy pink, sort of coral, with a gold shimmer to it. It gives my face that warm look and it reflects beautifully on my eyes and I really love that!

Review (here)
I have been using this highlighter for quite sometime and I love how beautiful it can make even a simple face of makeup look, with its pink shimmery effect, it definitely makes all the difference. 


I have used several eye shadow primers but Urban Decay has got to be my favourite. It keeps everything on my eyes all day long and a little bit goes a long way so when I want to be creative with my eye shadow and just stay pretty all day or night, I leave it all to Urban Decay.

Just the way Urban Decay perfects their primers, they equally perfect their eye shadows. The Naked Pallete is basically the clothes to my eyes (how weird of me..) from day to day makeup to fancy, late night out makeup looks. Each shade is so pigmented and I just love creating new looks all the time. I was thinking about filming a few tutorials if you'd like to see them?

Lancome is easily on the top of my list when it comes to liquid eyeliners. I searched for this and I think it's no longer available. I just might have a teeny tiny panic attack when this finishes, but until then I'm loving it. That tiny bottle has lasted for so long and it's basically my makeup staple product. 

Review (here)

If a makeup product can top anything Lancome, it's bound to be good. A few months ago, Doll Eyes mascara by Lancome was definitely my lux mascara, but the length and volume BADgal lash gives my eyelashes makes it my favourite. It gives my lashes a falsies effect and I love it!


Last but not least, a makeup look isn't complete without the perfect lips and I must say, I'm not a huge lipstick fan as I tend to go for lip glosses more but Lancome has done it again and this beige-peachy nude lipstick gives me pretty, shiny lips that just feel beautiful. 

And that is all for my complete luxurious, princess makeup go to's! I hope you enjoyed this post and I'll definitely do an updated post if this changes, but until then, this is what I love!

What are your beauty staples? Any must have's? Let me know in the comments below!

Until next time,
Teenn Diary


Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Sweater Weather Wishlist!

Hello gorgeous!

Fall and winter are all about cardigans, scarves, boots and snuggling up in cute sweaters. Layering and colour blocking are loads of fun, and styling is a piece of cake. 

Although loads of sweaters are in almost everyone's cupboard, mine, well, not so much. So, I'm planning to grow out my two-sweater collection and purchase some this winter.

Smiling Mickey & Minnie (here), Dino Rawr Pullover (here), Everyday Knit
 Top (here), Street Chic Lovely (here), Sequin Tiger Pullover (here)

I was scrolling around F21's site and have fallen in love with loads of their sweaters, but here's a few. They're great if styled well and they're perfect to just get cosy on the couch with a bunch of friends on a cold night! The Sequin Tiger pullover has got to be my favourite!

Do you have your eye on anything this winter? Let me know down below!

Until next time,
Teen Diary


Monday, 11 November 2013

The Sweater Weather Tag!

Hello everyone!

What better way to get into the fall spirit than doing the Sweater Weather Tag? I haven't been tagged to do this but I just think it's fun so.. Let's get into it!

1. Favorite candle scent? 
This scent isn't fall/winter edition, but if you look into my photos, you'd see I'm quite obsessed with Lavender Vanilla from Bath & Body Works. I love the smell of lavender and just burning this candle gives me a warm cosy feeling which I absolutely love!

2. Coffee, tea, or hot chocolate?
Hmm.. I am a hardcore tea-addict, but I do switch to hot chocolate during the colder weather, I love the smell of it, and the warmth it gives my hands the whole time I'm sipping on it. A little bit of whipped cream and chocolate powder sprinkled on the top is a delight. Yum!

3. Which makeup trend do you prefer: dark lips or winged eyeliner? 
Winged eyeliner! I could never pull off dark lips, and I really admire those who do effortlessly, but I'm a natural-lippy kind of girl all through the year.

4. Best fragrance for fall?
Best fragrance for fall.. I'll have to say my ultimate favourite would be Chanel no5, it is on the pricey side, but I love the scent of it, it has this really light scent that gets loads of compliments, it also stays on all day long. I've gone through about 3.

5. Most worn sweater?
I usually tend to snuggle up in cardigans when it gets cold, so I don't really wear sweaters or jumpers as much, but I am planning to have a little spending on some forever 21 sweaters which you'll see in a wishlist soon!

6. Must-have nail polish this fall?

I don't own this yet, but I have my eye on Shearling Darling by Essie. It's a gorgeous fall colour and I think it's one of those statement nail polish everyone has to have! 

7. Football games or jumping in leaf piles?

Well, I've never really jumped in a pile of leaves, as fun as it sounds. I'm a little paranoid and the thought of possible ants and insects on those leaves gives me the shivers. So, football games it is. I've actually been to a few and I do enjoy the excitement!

8. Skinny jeans or leggings?
I love properly fitted comfy skinny jeans, but I have recently switched to leggings. I'm now obsessed with warm, great quality (..I'm weird) leggings and my collection is slowly growing. Monsoon have amazing leggings, a little pricey but you could tell they'll last for a really long time!

9. Combat boots or 

Combat boots all the way. I love how edgy the make an outfit look and you can basically wear them with anything!

10. Favorite fall TV show?

This would be 90210 or Gossip Girl, but now that those are over and I'm quite lost, I do like The X Factor. 

I did skip a few questions as you can see, but I really enjoyed this tag, so if you've done it, link me down below, and if you haven't been tagged to do it, you could just say I tagged you! 

What's your fall fashion statement? Do you have any essentials?

Until next time,

Teen Diary


Monday, 4 November 2013

Review: High Beam Luminescent + ChaCha Tint Cheek Stain

Hello lovely!

Time has been flying by in what feels like a blink of an eye and I have missed blogging to bits, so with the time I have in my hands, I'll try to entertain you as much as possible!

Reviews are my ultimate go-to's when I'm on the hunt for new products, so I'm here to review two of Benefit's top sellers, the High Beam Luminescent and the ChaCha Tint Cheek Stain. I purchased the TropiCORAL Lip and Cheek kit a while back and I would recommend getting a kit if you're interested in the Benefit products, just because you get several items that will most probably last a while and for the price of a full size version of one of the products you get in the kit, maybe even cheaper depending on the kit. 

High Beam Luminescent Complexion Enhancer by Benefit

This little beauty has been raved about by so many bloggers, YouTubers and beauty addicts, so when I saw it in the TropiCORAL kit, I just had to get it. High Beam is actually my first highlighter, but I'm happy to add it to my makeup collection, as well as my FOTD every now and then. First of all, how could a girly girl like me not fall for pink liquid with a sprinkle of shimmer in a Nail Polish pot? I cannot resist Benefit's packaging for some reason, and when the product is actually good, it's such a bonus! The formula in this is so amazing, working as a highlighting stain, it lasts all day and gives such a pretty glow that makes all the difference. It's easy to blend once you get the hang of it. I personally like blending it with my fingers rather than a brush because I think it gives my face a better glow. Also, the way you apply it on your cheeks completely changes how it turns out. I would repurchase this, but I think the full size is a bit too much so I'll be looking out for it in another kit!

ChaCha Tint Cheek Stain by Benefit

Since it took me a few seconds to take the first photo, I didn't blend as soon as applied, so it stained my skin.

I originally wanted to try Benetint which is a rosy red stain because well, I'm not a daredevil when it comes to colourful makeup, but to my surprise, the ChaCha tint has made it's way into a lot of my daily choices of makeup. I love the coral tint it gives my face, and how it enhances all my other features one way or another. It does last all day, but the only thing I don't like is how fast you have to be to blend it all in, otherwise it stains your skin and let's just say that appealing look you were going for is no longer appealing.. As it is waterproof, once it stains your skin, all the makeup on your face has to go as well to get it off. But, once you get the hang of it, it's an amazing product and I really like it. Just be warned if you're using it for the first time.

And that is all! I'm sorry this ended up to be a really long post, but if anything, it proves how much I miss blogging!

Do you have any favourite highlighters or cheek stains? What are they?

Until next time,
Teen Diary

Monday, 21 October 2013

OOTD: Basic blue & a pair of boots!

Hello everyone!

Summer is an amazing season; the hot summer sun, super cute dresses and sun kissed skin but.. I can't deny that little side of me that waits for the cold breeze.

If you didn't know, scarves and boots are my obsession and.. When I say obsession I mean addiction, every cute pair or piece is a must and they are basically a wardrobe staple for the cold season. 

So, as soon as the weather started its way to winter with a little bit of cold wind, I couldn't resist reaching out to the back of my cupboard and grabbing a scarf along with a pair of boots.

And here's what I put together, my little OOTD...

My tan is hanging in there! 

As you can tell, I'm not the best poser (yet....haha) but I will work on that, self timer isn't always a piece of cake, you know. Anyway, I kept the look quite simple with the basic jeans & a navy blue top with little diamonds on the sleeves. I gave the look a little twist - still on the casual side, and added a white scarf and a pair of combat boots which I found in F21 for £6.5 bargin! 

The whole look is from Forever 21, except for the scarf which I had gotten from Marks & Spencers years back, but they're still available for around £8, I believe. 

What are your winter staples? Do you have any go to looks? Let me know in the comments below!

Lots of love,
Teen Diary

Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Review: They're Real! Mascara

Hello lovely!

For the longest time, I've been addicted to my Lancome Doll Eyes mascara. It's been a favourite, an essential and my go-to mascara for an everyday look for quite a while.. Until I was talked into stepping out of my little bubble and trying out a new one.. They're Real! mascara by Benefit.

As the saleswoman went on about freebies and goodies I'd get with one more purchase of the insanely wanted Benefit mascara and a whole shelf set up to gorgeously place and promote these beauties, all I could think of is how cute this would look in my collection.. The vintage meets classy girl look this packaging has just made me want it.. I mean, how can a shopaholic say no when someone is constantly encouraging them into buying something they now believe they need?

I've seen raves and obsessions over this mascara, but for once, I think it's worth the hype. It does exactly what it says, from giving you all the length you need, a touch of volume to curling your eyelashes and giving each and every eyelash it's well deserved fair attention.

The bristles are made to separate your eyelashes while applying and with the length and volume, you get darker lashes which enhance your eyes and give them a stunning look with just one layer.

The mascara dries up on your eyelashes quite quickly, which can be a pro and a con at the same time, a pro because you won't have to worry about it smudging, but a con because it makes it harder to do more than a layer or two. 

Personally, I don't like making it obvious that I have loads of mascara on my eyes, but I've been able to get long lashes with loads of volume by applying the BADgal lashes mascara before applying They're Real! and it'll give me that natural smokey look without a spider eye. So, if you're into layering between two different mascaras, I'd suggest applying this one last. 

All in all, I love the mascara and I'm really impressed, so I would definitely repurchase.

I hope you enjoyed this post and make sure you join my giveaway here, for a full makeup bag with all the things you need for a completed look. 

Until next time,
Teen Diary


Sunday, 29 September 2013


Hello lovelies!

In appreciation of reaching 1000 followers, I have a little giveaway for all you amazing readers.
The giveaway has already started in my previous post, but a few of you didn't know how to enter and what not, so here's a private post to explain the rules and how to enter.

* Everyone that has entered in the previous post do not have to re-enter. Your entry still counts

The Prizes


 The Rules:

Make sure you enter down below in the 'Where To Enter' section so your entries count.
Also, the giveaway is International - so anyone can join!
1. Follow me on BlogLovin', GFC or Blogger (1 entry each)

2. Leave a comment below with your favourite item from (1 entry)

3. Click on [ ] or one of the makeup bags on the sidebar (3 entries)

4. Mention the giveaway in a post (3 entries)

5. Tweet about the giveaway (2 entries)

 Where To Enter  

And that's about it! I really hope you like the giveaway, you can enter everyday and good luck to everyone! Thank you all again for your amazing support. It means so much to me. 

lots of love, 
Teen Diary

Friday, 20 September 2013

Not On The High Street + Giveaway!

Hello gorgeous!

Being the girly girl I am, I love having cute bits and bobs here and there. There's just something about cute stuff that feel so nice. About a month ago, I saw a post on personalized things, and there I found one of my current obsessions, a little online shop with everything you could think of called Not On The High Street.

I spent hours scrolling around that site and literally clicks away from buying everything ..if only I could. But, I'm happy to show you a little glimpse of my latest online shop addiction, along with a little giveaway at the end of the post!

Let's start!

Personalised Pencil Case here

The first couple of weeks of  back to school is always the time you have everything you need in place, until the end of the month comes and you're asking around for a pencil, unless you have cute little organisers to keep you motivated and keep all your things in place for at least a few months, and this pencil case is just too cute to leave empty! With your name and anything you'd like on it, it's definitely unique.

Glitter Heart Canvas Pouch here

For a makeup and fashion lover, the more makeup bags the better. I love the glitter and the classy colours, and what's great about this beauty is you can easily use it as a clutch. It's just the right size to carry all your essentials from your phone to your makeup and all the little things us girls like having in our purses.

The next three makeup bags are a three in one. Bonus! A girl can never have enough bags.. You can change it up depending on your mood or even organize different looks in each bag. You could even use them to spice up your room! If you'd like to see me do that, let me know down below!

#3 Question Mark

Question Mark Makeup Bag here 
Quote Makeup Bag here

Quote Makeup Bag here
Basically, Not On The High Street has captured my passion for everything stationary to fashion and I hope you all check it out (here) and enjoy everything on there, because you'll be seeing a lot of it here in my blog!

[ The Giveaway ]

So, one of you random winners will be getting one of the lovely makeup bags above and a whole new makeup set to add to your collection. You'll be getting everything you need for a completed look. You can enter everyday, giving you more chances to win.

That's all for now, and I hope you enjoyed the post!
Until next time,
Teen Diary

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

1000 Followers on BlogLovin' + Up Coming Giveaway!

Hello lovely! 

Whenever I'm on my laptop or just scrolling around the internet, I love looking at photos. Pretty, unique and different photography always catches my eye. Photographs just have the ability to inspire and let your imagination run wild. After all, a picture speaks a thousand words.

I recently joined WeHeartIt and I love all the photos on there, so here are a few favourites of the day! 

Follow me on WeHeartIt here

Along with that teeny tiny post, comes an announcement... I hit one thousand followers on bloglovin' today! Never have I thought I could get a handful of people reading my thoughts on my dot-of-a-part in the Internet, let alone one thousand adding me to their reading list to catch up on my posts. If you've read my first post, I said "I won't get 100+ views on this, that's for sure" and genuinely thought I'd probably have 50 followers maximum and that would be my blogging experience. 

I really appreciate every one of you and the fact that you take even a few minutes of your time to read my posts simply means so much to me. 

Skipping the mushy part I'd probably go on and on about, I have a giveaway to express my appreciation. But, I'm letting you guys choose what you'd like to see in the giveaway, it will be international, so get as many friends as you want commenting, anonymously or not, let me know what you wanna get! I'll have 3 little giveaways, and I'll choose some of the products you suggest, as well as a few of my favourites. Once the comments hit 50 comments, I'll start purchasing the giveaways and you shall see it in a couple of weeks!

Once again, thank you all very much for everything. I really appreciate it and I love you all!

Until next time,
Teen Diary

Tuesday, 3 September 2013

My Wishlist #1

Hello readers!

Sitting opposite my laptop screen, scrolling around online stores and watching hauls, craving a few bits and bobs, thinking what should I give my readers? As most of you know, I'm quite the shopaholic. But I suppose I like my money right where I can see it.. hanging in my closet, as Sarah Jessica Parker would say. 

As much as I like to spend, there's always a few things that have their way into making me want to spend more money (I think I just heard my purse sigh..)

So, here's a handful of things I've been trying to resist:

Bourjois Colour Boost here, Silk Road Duo Eyeshadow here, World Traveler Scarf here,
Healthy Sexy Hair Spray here, Heart Coin Purse makeup bag here, Vintage Dr Martens here

1. Bourjois Colour Boost - There's no explanation of how much I want these in my makeup collection. I've heard of them from every beauty guru, from YouTube to the blogging world, but every time I head to Boots, I forget all about them or they just don't have them at that moment. It's amazing formula (as everyone has raved about) is waterproof, known to moisturise your bare lips with a touch of gorgeous colour. It comes in four shades: Peach on the beach, red sunrise, fuschia libre & orange punch.. and I'd love any of them!

2. NARS Duo Eyeshadow in Silk Road - I have been in love with NARS products lately. They may be a little on the high price, but what you pay is what you get. I love light, peachy and almost natural shades, and when I saw this, my very recent love for eye shadows tingled a little. It comes with the shades Icy Pink & Rose Gold with golden flecks. Love!

3. World Traveler Eternity Scarf - With fall and winter slowly approaching our doorsteps, I have two must-haves; scarves and boots. I love throwing on a trendy scarf for that classy touch, and this pretty scarf would definitely be a favourite, I love the pastels and a glimpse of yellow just makes it suitable for any outfit.

4. Healthy Sexy Hair - Being a girl, we all have our flat hair days and we all try to avoid those days with serums, hair sprays, teasing combs, blow drying our hair upside down and sea salt.. And then there's the healthy sexy hair that I constantly hear about, made to add body, volume and nourish your hair while protecting and healing it from damage. Shouldn't we all naturally have this on our dressing tables?

5. Heart Coin Purse - I love cute little makeup bags, and this little coin purse-shaped makeup bag is too cute to miss out on. Not On The High Street is an online shop I recently found that sells personalised items, from stationary to jewelry and home decorations, it honestly has the most adorable items you could think of. This little makeup bag seems easy to carry in your bag from day to day basis and is just right for your basic and daily essentials.

6. Vintage Dr Martens - As a boots lover, I can't believe I don't own a pair of Dr Martens, or even a DM lookalike! I'm in love with the red leather. Modern meets vintage can't go wrong, and these classy boots could go with anything.

And that's all for now! I definitely have more but why not spare them for my upcoming wishlists? I hope you enjoyed!

What's on your wishlist? Do we crave the same things?

Until next time,
Teen Diary


Sunday, 25 August 2013

Review + Swatches: BADgal lashes Mascara, CORALista Lip Gloss and 24/7 Urban Decay Concealer!

Hello gorgeous!

If you've been on my blog for a while now, you'd know I love experimenting and playing around with new products. But most of the time, I've probably heard of the products multiple times and have been tempted into purchasing them. I really hate purchasing something and ending up disappointed and I'm pretty sure it's the same with every other girl.

I've made it a habit to read reviews on products before trying them out. So typically, I'm here with a review on! All these items were in my collective beauty haul post, but I have tried them out for over a couple of weeks.

Let's get started...

 24/7 Concealer by Urban Decay


This cheeky pencil has gotten me contradicting myself constantly with its pros and cons. Like I recently said "It gives amazing coverage with it's creamy formula that dries up into a gentle matte that has you flawless for hours", which I have found to be true, only when you're having a fresh skin day; as in when your skin is tired and you haven't given it the care it needs, this isn't the product you want near your face. Otherwise, the coverage is amazing.

It has a very smooth texture and is just the right shade to wake me up. But, with the dry up formula, it isn't the best choice for dry skin. Basically, if you're not one to have lovely skin most of the time, I wouldn't suggest purchasing this.

CORALista Ultra Plush Lip Gloss by Benefit

I got this in my Go Tropicoral Lip & Cheek Kit and I have been loving it to pieces. Far from the usual sticky formula lip glosses, this amazing gloss is just the right product for your lips. It has a very smooth feel and moisturises your lips with luxury.

 I love the sheer coral shade and it's also available in 5 other colours which I'm definitely in for. Lip gloss person or not, I totally recommend this. You won't regret it!

BADgal lashes Mascara by Benefit

This little cutie I got as a freebie for the amount I've spent and I have been loving it. If you're a girl that loves long, smoky lashes which I have a feeling every girl is, you'd love this. It gives just the right amount of thickness and length, but for my liking, I don't use it on my lower lashes because I just don't like long lower lashes on my eyes, otherwise, this is perfect. And if you'd like to see this on my eyes, as a comparison of 'with' and 'without', let me know!

That is all for my review today, so I hope I was even a tiny bit useful. I must say I've missed blogging, so hopefully I'll have more posts up this week. I'd also like to thank all my readers for following, commenting and just responding to my posts in general because it really means a lot to me and I love seeing you all join in!

Lots of love,
Teen Diary


Sunday, 4 August 2013

New Layout!

Hello lovely! 

After a year of running this tiny part of the Internet, I've finally decided to give my blog a little makeover. I was going for fresh, bright but simple and I like how it turned out. So let me know what you think down below! Is it easy on the eyes, or would you prefer something else? I'd love to know what you think!

Until next time,
Teen Diary 


Thursday, 1 August 2013

Collective Beauty Haul: Urban Decay, NARS, Benefit & More!

Hello lovely!
As a shopaholic, purchasing an item or two every time I'm out is only natural. I've been stacking up for a while now but I'm finally ready to show you all what I've been purchasing!
I'll spare you my long boring introductions this time, so let's get to it, shall we?
These 3 items weren't purchased by me, but I wanted to include them in the haul since I've been wanting them for a long time and they're a very pleasant addition to my collection!
The Naked Basics Pallete by Urban Decay

I'm a little late on this pallete, but I've been waiting to get my hands on it for the longest time! I've used this once and I simply loved it. The shades are very easy to work with and the pigmentation is wonderful. It also comes with an Urban Decay primer which is quite amazing too. I may be doing a look with this pallete, so if you'd like to see the tutorial, let me know in the comments below!

Orgasm Blush by NARS

The endless raves I've heard and read about this blush are insane. So, into my collection it goes! Highly pigmented and extremely complimenting. This is definitely a go-to blush when you're going for a natural look, no matter what skin tone you have! It does have a slight golden shimmer, but NARS has managed to keep it elegant, so you can't complain!
24/7 Concealer by Urban Decay
I have been obsessed with concealers and constantly on the hunt to find a perfect match for my skin, and this pretty pencil is definitely a runner up, It gives amazing coverage with it's creamy formula that dries up into a gentle matte that has you flawless for hours. I have this in FBI but they're also available in 7 other shades.
I then decided to go to a local drugstore, hoping to find the Revlon lip butters but they didn't have them, so I decided to go all out and purchase some bold colours, even though I'm more of a natural, soft pink kind of girl.
Rose Passion Lipstick by Rimmel 
I'm usually miles away from bold, red lipsticks unless they're steps away from a gorgeous nude, but I was actually very impressed with this lippie, it looks very nice on and it's a nice red for my collection, which just may be a start to a whole line of them, who knows!
Kiss Me Lipstick by Rimmel

This cheeky colour appears very coral and again, I actually like it! It smells so good and I simply adore the crown on the packaging. Kudus to Rimmel, for that!

My next stop was at Sephora & straight to Benefit I go!

Go Tropicoral lip & cheek kit by Benefit

First of all, how cute is the name on this beauty? I was looking to buy one of the famous Benefit kits and couldn't decide which one I should go for. I can't deny, I wouldn't have mind getting everything that was on their stand, but I could only go for one, and this lucky kit went into my basket! It's only been a few since I've had it, so I haven't given it a fair try yet, but I definitely will and either way, the packaging on these are way too cute!

The POREfessional primer by Benefit

Yes, my dears, this little thing is no longer on my wish list. If you've been on my blog for a while, you'd know how much I've been wanting the POREfessional primer. It was in my 10 products every beauty guru own that my collection lacks post, on my instagram and even managed to get through my tweets, but I finally have it! I'm very excited to try this and I'm really hoping it won't disappoint!

They're Real! mascara by Benefit

I was seduced into purchasing this by the saleswoman but I couldn't say no with all compliments it has gotten from FleurDeForce, Zoella and a lot of other beauty gurus. I gave it a try and I honestly love it. The thickness and length with just one layer is amazing. I'm not sure if it gives you fake lashes since I've never tried putting them on, but I'll let you know!

Benefit had a special offer, so with the amount I paid, I got a little bag with three mini products and well, the more the merrier!

Stay Don't Stray primer by Benefit

I haven't tried this primer but I'm excited to give it a chance. I love the packaging and it's just a cute product to have, as all Benefit products are!
The POREfessional primer by Benefit

Another POREfessional primer! Yay!

Bad Gal Lash mascara by Benefit

This little cutie is currently in my makeup bag, it gives you smoky lashes, if I might say and I'm very happy I now own it!

Cherry dry shampoo by Batiste

Lastly, I stopped at Boots and repurchased the Batiste dry shampoo in cherry which you already saw me rave about in my June Favourites!
And that is all for my beauty haul! I'm trying to stop spending so much money so hopefully, I'll be able to resist for a little while. I really hope you enjoy hauls as much as I do, so let me know if you'd like to see my fashion haul, and if you have any interest in seeing a tutorial or a makeup look with any of the products above, I'll be happy to do one for you!

If you want a review and swatches of anything, just let me know! 
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Lots of love,
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