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Sunday, 9 December 2012

The Makeup Manual comes to you!

Hello readers!

As I mentioned in my last post, I have a surprise for all my beauty lovers, and well, it's time to raise the curtains! I've been on twitter for a while now and I love all the different people you get to meet and inspirations you bump into. I love high fashion, glam, and beauty as most of you probably guessed by now. Every now and then, I'll have my obsessions and one obsession I have yet to get over is The Makeup Manual! But who's behind it? Here, I bring you an interview with the amazing Mai Al Moayyed!

I'd like to say my obsession with makeup has been going up endlessly ever since I bumped into her blog, she's an inspiration and I'm so excited to do this post.

1. When did you start your obsession with make up and how did the journey of educating women begin? 
The makeup obsession started 2 years back- it is my passion & addiction. I started a makeup blog since June 2011 to help all girls out there by providing them with tips, tricks, product reviews, collection launches & most importantly –what NOT to do when it comes to makeup! My blog is a hit among Bahraini women and has become an important part of their daily routine. I have started this blog after realizing that Bahraini women love makeup as it boosts their confidence and self esteem- but many don’t know a thing about it. I decided to make it easier for girls and help them learn how to use products & why they should use them. I noticed that there is no “Bahraini makeup bloggers” to educate Bahraini women. I would like to achieve being able to help women perfect their faces by learning in a fun and easy way. I want to pass the message to women:  simple makeup is always better- never over do it. Define your strong face features by making them stand out beautifully, without over the top colors.

2. I know you've become famous in Bahrain, but do you have any plans to go bigger?
Of course! It doesn't stop here! Well- let's just keep this under the covers… and wait for my future plans in the next few years :)

3. Have your classes taught you anything?
They have taught me a lot!! They have taught me more than what I will learn at beauty school to be honest. During classes- you deal with real people, you deal with all skin problems, you deal with all different skin colors. You hear girls out- what they like and products they hated, you learn to be challenged- with answering their questions, you learn how to find their foundation shade- by mixing more than one foundation (which I do for my makeup forever counter).. You learn how to find solutions to their skin by examining it after class and recommending what to get. I gain confidence after every class- I believe I learn more after each class about dealing with people and skin & most importantly learning about the products I teach about (I understand them more as  I talk about them more)!

4. Do you get any hate over what you do? Knowing you're online, haters are everywhere, especially when someone can accomplish something.
Haters will always hate. I have a lot of them! It's sad that they exist - to demotivate you.. But somehow it's great to have them- as it shows you "you have accomplished something & you are successful" and they seem jealous! But what can you do or say? Thank god I have the confidence to continue on what I'm doing without letting them get in the way! I'm thankful for the majority- which are supporters and loyal followers which are helping me reach higher and higher:)

5. What are the basics girls should know and follow when it comes to make up?
Come to my class and learn the basics! hahaha! I believe there is a lot to do with the word "basics" and not just foundation and blush- one of the most important things to do is skincare! Apply the proper skincare BEFORE and after your makeup routine- it really affects the results! Blending is part of basics- whether is is blending the foundation or concealer of eyeshadow- it's imp to incorporate that into your makeup to see flawless results.

The best and most important thing they need to know is about the brushes- invest in good quality ones to get great results!! And yes, you need more than 2 or 3 brushes to do that!

6. What's your #1 must know tip before applying make up, when applying make up, and when removing make up?
Similar to the above question- 
before applying makeup- always moisturize- NEVER skip this step! And if you have oily skin make sure to use a primer! 
During makeup- always use a beauty blender to stipple through your makeup (foundation, corrector, concealer) and even things out- it will change everything!
Removing makeup- remember to remove your makeup before bedtime- so oils don't accumulate and cause your face to breakout! I suggest removing your makeup with wipes then washing it with a cleanser to really remove the dirt (then moisturize)

7. With weather changes, do you think changing the way you put on your make up and changing how natural or intense the look might be is necessary?
you shouldn't change your look just because the season changed! I believe that your skincare routine should be changed though! During winter, the skin becomes drier.. so i def recommend using a heavier moisturizer and especially eye cream as the under eye area becomes very dry and fragile. No matter which season you are in- you should keep your makeup simple! Bold lips can mean simple makeup (when your eyes are simple and not overdone)- During summer- if you are tanned - you can always tone down on the foundation and powder as you already have a colored base- so you can work on other features. People believe that since it's winter i'll use dark colors, or if it is spring i'll use floral pastel shades- well- you can wear what you want in all seasons- there is NO rule for that to be honest- as long as the whole face looks flawless and easy on the eyes then it should be fine!

8. What style do you go for? Especially now that its winter?
My style is always- simple yet glamourous. I keep the focus on my eyes rather than the rest of the face. I focus on lashes, winged gel liner, defined crease & mainly the eyebrows(which change everything)! I personally love a soft colored lip- so i would stick to nudes or soft pinks! About winter, it doesn't change much for me! I'm more of a "wear any look any season anytime" ! As you know winter is more about the bold lips- crimson lips or dark violet- I love to do the crimson lips and a thick black eyeliner with false lashes- an instead of focusing on blush i focus on contouring the face. But as I said, seasons don't matter to me, so i wear any look any time of the year :)

9. Any make up brands you love more than others? And why?
Now that is a hard question! Having a gazzillion brands to choose from makes this very hard for me! Ok- so let me be specific- I have a favorite brand when it comes to specific parts of the face! For example- for complexion (foundation & correcting) i would def say Make up for ever! They specialize in complexion and create products that work great on the skin without letting the skin breakout- they are all about primers and correcting and having foundations invisible to the light & camera! When you ask me about the eyes & lips- i would say hands down- MAC… they have such highly pigmented eyeshadows and beautiful lipstick colors. And when you ask me about blushes- Illamasqua is the winner :) 

10. Where do you think girls go wrong when applying make up? 
I personally believe they go wrong in a lot of things. When it comes to makeup, you have to work on bringing out the best facial features and not OVER-DOING it… The trick is blending everything and making it look like as if it is not there- However, I still see many makeup mistakes such as:
-they wear the wrong foundation shade
-their powder is way darker than their skin tone
-eyeshadow edges are un-blended
- using a concealer for acne (turns out muddy looking)
- focusing on both eyes and lips at the same time- so you end up having a dark smoky eyes and dark bold lips- it's a bit too much
- unblended blush, which looks like a splash of color

And the list goes on and on… and on.. and on… :P 

11. Last but not least, what are your favorites this season? 
I absolutely love MAC's lip mix "crimson" which is only sold in MAC pro stores!
I had tons of fun doing this! Thanks to The Makeup Manual for sparing me some of her time! If you guys have any questions for her, you could leave them in my comments and I'd gladly hand them over to her and come back with a reply, you could also contact her through twitter here, and check out her blog here!
Until next time,
Teen Diary.

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