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Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Strange and Beautiful

Hello readers!

Exhaustion has taken over my body. Essays, projects, homework, tests... It never ends! The only thing I could think of is coming on here to rest my mind and please my wonderful readers..

We live in such a beautiful planet and the more you explore, the stranger it gets, but the beauty never stops. I found this facebook page called "Strange & Beautiful Things In Our World", the photos captured my eyes instantly, so I thought I'd share:

Photo: Looks like there is no match to the beauty of a White Lion.
The White Lion - No matter how terrifying being around a lion is, I'd love to hug this one!

Photo: One of the most amazing  pictures I have ever seen !!
Can't believe my eyes. This is stunning in so many ways!

Photo: In July 2010, Bertrand Kulik, an amateur photographer, happened to capture lightning illuminating the night sky behind the Eiffel Tower in Paris. Amazing..
I'm in love with this. So powering!

Photo: Rainbow parrots
Rainbow parrots! Too cute

Photo: Polar lights over Svalbard.
Laying on the ground looking up at that sky.. Heavenly

Photo: Playful and Unusual Bookcases
If you need something to store your books, why not choose something that makes a statement. Take a look at this bookcases collection, which offers you endless options for storage and display in your home. With many different styles, materials, sizes, and finishes available, there is sure to be an option that will fit your needs. Store books, and show off decorative items in your hallway, home office, living room, or other space. So, if you or a book-lover you know are stuck on how to redecorate your urban dwelling and store your favorite volumes, here are 12 Playful and Unusual Bookcases which will spice up your home, adding a personal touch to your space.
Into reading? Why not make a statement ;)

Photo: The tiny ball of white fluff is just 8cm dog and measures just over 20cm from his nose to his tail.
I'd love to have this white fluff ball one day

Photo: Water Dancer, Digital World
Water can dance, in a Digital world.

Photo: Foggy Night ..In Chicago
How can fog be so beautiful?

Photo: #Bahrain

 Beautiful View of London Eye
The London Eye. Lovely as usual

Photo: #Bahrain #UK #USA #Ireland

The Crimson Forest in Gryfino, Poland
Now this I'm obsessed with!

Photo: Amazing view in Switzerland... My God the stars wow!!
Under those stars, anything could happen! <3

I was stunned looking at these, and I hope you were too! The colors, the perfection, I have fallen in love! There are loads of photos on their page, so check it out for more, and like here, and follow them on twitter here! I hope you've enjoyed this post, make sure you comment below with thoughts, photos and whatever you like!

Until next time,
Teen Diary.

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