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Saturday, 8 December 2012

Make up: What can go wrong?

Hello readers! 

After a bunch of posts some of you might not be so interested in, I'm here to entertain! Well I hope.. 

Diamonds are a girl's best friend, but what are diamonds without a little fashion and beauty? Looking our absolute best is what makes us girls, is it not? But to look your absolute best, everything must go right. So here's where it could go wrong.. 

1. Using the wrong foundation 
Now this is one of the worst things you could do. If you're pale and you decide to appear a bit tanner, choosing a darker foundation is not the answer, you do not wanna look like you're wearing a pumpkin. The same applies to those with darker skin. Choosing lighter foundation will just make it seem like you fell face on in the sand. Even if there isn't much difference between your skin tone and the foundation, people will notice, trust me! 

Tip - I've been to many stores and the one thing they do every time I want to buy foundation is apply it on my hand to see if it goes with my skin. BIG MISTAKE. Your face isn't your hand,  just because it goes with your hand, doesn't mean it'll go with your face. So keep in mind, when you're searching for foundation, your clean, no make up on face is where you test it on. And never go for the colour you aspire to be. 

2. Skipping foundation, straight to concealer. 
Yet again, big mistake. Foundation was called foundation for a reason, and using concealer to cover your flaws without applying foundation is like building a house without walls. You don't want patches of concealer sitting on top of your skin like a lost dog. Apply a thin layer of foundation and use the concealer as a base coat. Lasts longer, looks better, much easier and effective. Also, make sure your foundation and concealer are in the exact same shade! 

3. Not using moisturizer
Time isn't always on our side, but moisturizer is by far the most important factor you need for healthy skin, which is why you need to spare a few seconds to moisturize. Most people don't moisturize because of their oily skin, well let me tell you, hydrating your skin properly will actually reduce over production of oil. Having make up on for too long damages your skin and so, it starts aging. Using moisturizer helps keep your skin healthy and young. So make sure you have 20 seconds just for moisturizing. What do you have to lose? 

4. Blusher like a clown 
There's a difference between rosy cheeks and a 'omg I've been hit in he face' look. The latter is certainly not flattering. People who literally look like they've pressed a pot of cream blush onto their cheeks and left a perfect circle most likely haven't looked in a mirror before they left the house. Beware the clown look.

Tip - blending blush and powder foundation into your brush gives your cheeks a much natural look.

5. Overdone eyebrows
Oh god.. The amount of girls I've seen with black tadpoles for eyebrows. It looks ridiculous. I have naturally brown, filled eyebrows so I don't have to draw them but even if you do, do not get carried away. Also, having blonde hair and filling your eyebrows with a dark shade is a huge no no. Keep a natural look in mind, no matter how intense of a look you're going for. 

6. Spider mascara 
One thing I'm terrified of is spiders. But seeing them disguised as someone's eyelashes is another thing, terrifying in a whole different level. I'm not saying thick eyelashes are a bad thing, but there are a lot of things you need to beware of and if you don't,  just forget about mascara..

First, make sure the mascara you buy, whether from a brand or a drugstore, isn't the sticky type, because that goes wrong right from the start. Second, before applying, make sure the brush is clean, it makes things a lot easier. Last but not least, when you're applying, don't overlay unless you need to. 

Well, that's all for now. I hope I've helped! If you enjoyed this post, stay tuned! I have a surprise that I can't wait to reveal. 

Stay beautiful,
Teen Diary


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