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Monday, 26 November 2012

Hand Full of Dust


"Yuck" a boy whispered, as a mother pulled her son away from a man, cleaning a land. A man.. Cleaning YOUR land.

But who knows what story this man holds? Any of you? 

Sadly, I do. He's a man that left home.. He's thousands of miles away from his children, wife, parents, friends, and there he is cleaning our roads, our streets, our neighborhood in hope of getting 100 dollars by the end of the month to feed his family. 

People move away seeing him, because he's "filthy", when in fact, he's cleaning OUR mess. 

Everyone has the worst impression of a cleaner, everyone looks down on him, everyone ignores him, people throw things at him, yet he bends down, picks up something one of us threw away, and stands up with a smile. But does anyone smile back? Rarely.. 

What have we become? Why is it that as years pass by, it gets harder to find an open minded person? 

Well kudos to Japan for knowing how important that man is, and actually labeling him as one of the greatest people in their community. Wanna know how much he gets paid there? Well.. Lemme give you a moment to guess.. 200? No. 500? Nope. 700? Guess again, 8000 dollars. But what's more beautiful is that people there actually help him, because in the end it's their streets he's cleaning. 

So why is it any different with us?You didn't throw that juice box, you didn't throw that newspaper, fine.. But what's stopping you from sharing a smile? 

After all, they are human, and they wouldn't be in this position if they didn't want to feed their family, and how nice is that? Going through so much,  just to put food on someone's plate. 

And here, I'll leave you to decide what you'll be doing.. 

P.s. Even a smile, can go a long way. 

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