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Monday, 8 October 2012

Stay Strong

The tragedy of a person dying because of hopelessness or frustration is devastating. Whether to friends, family, neighbors, or even to a random person just hearing about someone who commit suicide. 

Suicide has become the third leading cause of death. You might take it as a joke, or think those who have commit suicide did it for attention, but in reality, it is beyond that. 

And to those who think they do it for attention, take a second and think about it, does that honestly make sense? What attention would they get, when they're already dead?

I've decided to make this post, because the number of suicide notes on every social network has been increasing, in fact, the number of teens committing suicide is growing day by day.

You can't just ask a person why they want to commit suicide,  or tell them not to and think it'll change anything. They might not now, but the needy feeling to do so will come back. 

There are many reasons teenagers may go through that will make them want to commit suicide. Frustration, family problems, a disorder, and what not. I know what you're going through right now is hard, it may be too much and trust me, everyone has been through something that felt endless, no matter how that person's life seems perfect. 

You might have a lot on your shoulders, but it will get better. I don't care what people think, what people say, how it seems right now, it will get better. 

Suicide is never the answer. Harming yourself is NEVER the answer. Every second, every minute, every hour, someone in the world is fighting to live, fighting to keep living, holding on with all they have to see another day, and there you are, blessed with a life in your hands. Why throw it away? 

If you're getting bullied, would you really want to satisfy that bully by ending your life? Is that bully really worth it? If you're stressed, frustrated, depressed,  just take a deep breath and listen.. Life is given to you with so many blessings out there, just waiting for you to find them. Why give up? Don't you wanna know what your future holds? All you have to do is bare with everything right now,  just for this moment, it will get better. It always does no matter how unfair it may seem.

Again, suicide is never the answer. There are so many solutions to every single thing, don't hide it, don't eat yourself up, talk to someone, write it in a diary, let it out,  just don't give up.. Life's a test, pass it. You were given a life because you're able to live it whether it seems so right now, or not. 

I hope I reached out to at least some.. I know it's hard right now, but you can do it. Life's a climb but the view is great. Keep that in mind

I'm always here, you could be anonymous, or even show who you are, i'll always listen. Just know that someone out there cares..

Stay strong, 
Teen Diary 

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