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Friday, 5 October 2012

Gossip Girl!

"And who am I? that's a secret I'll never tell..
xoxo, Gossip girl"

Hello readers!

What's more exciting than gossip, drama, love, friends, partying all gathered in a fashionable sense of style? Well, with Gossip Girl hitting the screens in 3 days, I thought what's better than doing a fashion post inspired by Gossip Girl itself?

I don't know about you, but I'm in love with Gossip Girl, whether it's the lies, the gossip or the incredible fashion sense. And who's more fashionable than the one and only, Blair Waldorf, and the it girl, Serena Van Der Woodsen?


Blair Waldorf is very classy as we all see in every episode. Her style is just flawless but it never seems like she's trying too hard, which is what we all go for in every look, don't we?

How gorgeous is this? The dark colours give you an amazing
figure and you get to cover up your not-so-favourite features!

This dress is just fab! Feminine, classy, great shape
& a sprinkle of sexy! I'd defo wanna wear this

Now this is perfect for a day out, school,
an interview, and it just looks effortlessly beautiful!

Blair obviously loved this look and stuck to it for 3
whole seasons! I can never get sick of this look.
It's lovely for your first day of school too.

Show off your beautiful body shape wearing this,
for something casual or even a night out.
There you go, the amazing Blair Waldorf! I wasn't going for pretty pictures, so it was definitely hard searching for something that could suit almost everyone, since, well, Blair could make a potato sack look good.

Onto Serena Van Der Woodsen!

Well, most of us know Serena could turn up looking like a hobo, but with a name like hers, who cares? Her name is just unbelievably gorgeous! Serena is that blonde goddess who dominates the Upper East Side, she has sickening good looks, and always is the most optimistic girl of the bunch. And ever since GG started, every girl has wanted to look like her. After all, she is the 'it' girl, isn't she?

This, I LOVE. the two colours reflect on her
here's a plus side, it could look good on
you too!
I found a similar top at Forever 21,
and well, we all have black shorts, don't we?


This one is perfect for that sparkling,
eye catching look. Party, girls night out,

This is the look you wanna go for.
Gold compliments everyone, too!

this white tight fitted dress looks, classy, and effortlessly hot!
to show off your figure and not seem like you're over trying,
this dress is the perfect answer.

Flawless, Fun & Feminine!


Gorgeous, yet again! The different colours clash
perfectly, and this outfit is just amazing for anything!

Who wouldn't wanna look like a doll anyway?

Hair is always one of the most important elements
in EVERY look.
and this hairstyle is just too pretty!

I enjoyed making every part of this post! Gossip Girl is one of my favourite shows, so this was bliss! I hope you liked it just as much, I mean, Blair and Serena are just fashion icons, are they not?
Don't forget to watch the very first episode of season 5 this Monday, 8th of October! It's going to be amazing without a doubt!

Comment below and tell me what you think, how excited you are, and what you think of the upcoming episode!

Stay Fashionable,
Teen Diary!

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