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Friday, 20 July 2012

Teen Inspiration: A Crawl into The Fashion World

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As I mentioned in my first post, one of the main reasons I created this blog, is to inspire. Us teens are very blessed with what we have being in such a generation with nonstop development in technology, the opportunities and being the youth that are building the future. We have a lot of ideas and just aren't motivated to turn them into the real deal. Let me take you into the world of some teen inspirations who are doing just that.. I hope you will all follow suit!

Part #1

Almost every girl, at every age is into fashion. I mean, who would say no to new clothes?
Well, I don't know about you, but speaking about myself, I have a crazy passion for fashion. The addiction I have for clothes is way far from normal. So, I decided to introduce you to a fashion icon, and give you a sneak peak into her fashionable life, if you haven't heard of her yet, that is.

Zayn Al Qahtani is a 15 year old fashion blogger. With thousands of views on her blog after just a few months, she has definitely affected a lot of teens with her great sense of style.

I recently got to interview her, I must say, she's quite a bubbly person.
Here's what went on!

TD: I've read on your blog that you've been into fashion ever since your dad asked you to draw the perfect dress at the age of six. Was there a specific influence that gave you this love for fashion?

Zayn: Hmm, to be quite honest, I've always been interested in clothes and shopping! I think my style personally stemmed from the females in my family - they're all really into fashion as well so it's pretty inevitable I'd be too.

TD: Was putting clothes together just considered a hobby or was there something more than that?

Zayn: Putting together clothes was (and still is) an art for me - some combinations are really horrible while some are masterpieces, and you just have to figure out what to piece with what. I used to have this little drawer full of costumes when I was younger - playing dress up was one of my favorite things to do. I was literally the kid who nicked her mom's lipstick, cut her own bangs, and wore pearls with jean jackets just for the hell of it.

TD: Did you ever think you'd be able to affect the amount of teens you have with your blog?

Zayn: Well, to be honest, I really don't know how many teens I've affected! It's true what they say, once you strike gold, you don't know how much it's worth till someone tells you. I didn't think I'd affect anyone positively at all, I was just blogging as an outlet, but since I did, that's amazing and it makes me really happy that I do and I hope my blog continues to inspire!

TD: A lot of teens come to you for advice, how does it feel and what are your three main tips on beauty, health and fashion?

Zayn: Yeah I did notice a lot of teens come to me on and ask about fashion/beauty, I feel flattered that they feel they can come to me with their crises and questions concerning those areas! My three main tips are always wash your makeup off before you go to bed (even if it seems like a pain in the butt) because if you don't, the accumulated dirt actually ages your skin 27 days (yikes!). The second tip is drink lots of water, it gives you glowing skin and long hair - and of course, it's healthy. Third tip is NEVER dress for someone else - open your closet doors and wear what you feel like wearing.

TD: How would you describe your style?

Zayn: Hmm.. Well this is a tough one. I think it's like a mix of grunge and high fashion. That's the perfect answer!

TD: If you were given the chance to go shopping at two of the biggest brands worldwide, what would you want them to be?

Zayn: I'd go shopping at Chanel because it's iconic and anything from there automatically becomes an item you'll keep for 10+ years. Also, I'd go to Dolce&Gabbana, because I was in love with the last runway show with all the colorful rhinestones and jewels and what not.

TD: What do you think people should focus on when choosing the perfect outfit?

Zayn: I think people should always focus on never over-doing an outfit. If you're wearing allover spandex then it's kind of bordering on trashy, but if you're wearing all over baggy tomboy clothes, then that's quite awkward and makes you look shapeless as well.

TD: Who would you say is your ultimate fashion icon and why?

Zayn: I was waiting for this question! Miley Cyrus, I love her to death!

TD: Where do you see yourself in 10 years, with your blog and passion for fashion?

Zayn: In 10 years, I'll be 25, so I will most definitely have my own boutique in Bahrain (hopefully) and I will still blog, but fashion design has always been my main aim.

Well, that's all for now. Zayn is definitely a teen inspiration, with things she's accomplished in the fashion world and how she's a fashion influence to many teens at just the age of 15. She is truly someone our generation should be proud to have. Her motivation is just contagious.

Check out her blog here :)

More teen inspiration posts to be continued..

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