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Thursday, 5 July 2012

A sprinkle of Photoshop.

Good morning, bloggers!

Cuddled up on the couch, with a nice cup of  tea and cake, thinking what would make this moment perfect... Oh, right, a sprinkle of photoshop!

I've been in love with designing and editing ever since I can remember. When Microsoft Word started developing I had a blast knowing I have more options in editing, well that's until Photoshop came along and I got the hang of it. It's been one of my passions ever since. I love learning and growing, and hopefully it'll become something I get to do for a living.

Something I've been obsessed with lately is changing colours of bascially anything in a person's face.

Here's what I worked on this morning,

This is a random photo I found on Google, if anyone's curious.

In the photo, I changed her eyes colour, as well as her lips. Also, I added a bit of let's say, eye liner around her eyes, and removed a few spots, which you won't notice unless you zoom in really close. Diffenetly not gonna say I made her look prettier, but I really like how it turned out. I just love blue eyes with dark hair.

That's my eye, I changed my pupils from hazel, to purple, green and blue. And added a lot more 'eye liner' just to bring out the colours. What I really love about this is how real it looks.

For any questions about photoshop, I'd be glad to answer. Click here for my twitter + a quicker respond. I'll be doing a lot of tutorials on Photoshop, and I'd love it if I got your requests!

Hope you enjoyed,
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