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Thursday, 19 July 2012

Packing to the iPhone world!

Hi bloggers!

I have recently moved to the iPhone world. Never saw that coming, but I'm loving it! What a huge move that was. 

With all my love towards Blackberry, I actually managed to walk into the iPhone world with no regrets! Uh oh But come on, having photoshop on my phone with the amount of passion I have towards it, is like.. Ice cream on the hottest day of summer! 

There hasn't been a dull moment since I got it. The apps just keep getting better and better! And well.. You all know I have a thing for editing and being able to do that on my phone is just amazing. 

Some applications I'd recommend to you iPhone/iPad owners:

1.  ToonCamera.
This one's just epic! Everything is super gorgeous, photogenic or not! 

2. Color Effects.
Took a photo of something but the background is taking away attention from what you really were focusing on? Well, this app is definitely the solution! 

3. PS express. 
Could be just me, but this app's a must. I'm in love with photoshop, and this just gives me self pleasure. Aha!

4. Emoji. 
I love adding faces and emotes to everything, and those faces are just adorable! 

5. Water?
Bored? Sitting alone in a crowded place feeling awkward? This game is quite the entertainer :)

I'm currently posting from my phone, but I'll upload photos when I can.

Well, I'm still a newbie in this world, and those are just things I enjoy. I'll keep updating soon!

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