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Monday, 16 July 2012

Best Friends Forever!

Hello bloggers :)

Sitting in the corner of the chair, charging my phone and thought what would be awesome for my bloggers to read?

Summer's all about late nights, water fights, belly tops, flip flops, iced tea and lemonade in the shade, blue skies, ice cream, sweet dreams, bathing suits, parties, sleeping in, and well, how would it be summer without friends?

Having friends is a lovely thing. Someone you can count on, someone who's always there, someone to tell your secrets to, someone that looks out for you. The thing is, you can rarely find a true friend. Someone.. Who isn't just there to your face, and back stabs you when the fun is over.

Everyone wants a best friend they know will always be right behind them when they turn around. Well, with things we see nowadays, it's hard to trust just anyone. People judge, and it's hard to please. For a minute, you need to be into metal to fit in, and the second you need to be a nerd. It's quite hard to cope, I suppose. But when you do find that friend, everything you went through in the journey of finding them was worth it.

My advice? Be yourself. Never try to please anyone. Never force yourself to like things you hate just to make friends. Because having friends based on something you're not, is like having no friends at all, because they'll never know who the real you is. And you'll just get lost in a forest of pretending.

If any of you readers need to talk, I'd be glad to hear you out.

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