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Sunday, 8 July 2012

Am I good enough?

Hello, bloggers!

So tired at the moment, but I thought I'd give you something to read before I snooze. I just have so much love for you, don't I!?

"You judge me, yet you know nothing about me" ..
"It's my life. MY life, you have no right to judge" ..
"Who are you to judge me?" ..

I've been seeing a lot of that everywhere. Those quotes have become the most popular thing in every teen social network, whether it's tumblr, twitter, facebook, youtube, you name it.

Well, let me tell you.. We ALL judge but hate to be judged and that's just reality. You've never commented on someone before? Really? Never? There's no way. So, the first step to stop the whole 'judging a book by it's cover' is to stop it yourself.

And you know? Everyone's going to be judged at some point. Why care? If you love what you are, you don't have to be someone else for anyone, because those who care about you will learn to live with your flaws.

Never let someone make you think you're not good enough, not pretty enough, not amazing enough. Each and every one of us 7 billion people in the world was born unique. Everyone has something special about them, something different and they should love it.

You suffer from acne? You have a belly? Your thighs are too big? You're too skinny? Your hair's too curly? Why should that even matter.. Beauty is inside out. Who cares what the media thinks is 'perfect'. No one's perfect and no one will ever be. Those models? They'll grow old, make up will stop working, photoshop will no longer be an option. So who cares what the world thinks.. Who cares if someone judges you.. Never let anyone get to you, because not even they have everything.

Be yourself and love it. Because in the end, when you aren't what people want you to be, you'll be left with yourself. And what's worse than not showing the real you?

Hope this helped even a tiny bit.

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