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Thursday, 26 July 2012

A piece of your hearts

Hello readers :)

I've been reading about people being hurt, feeling empty and broken.. Wanting someone to talk to but everyone thinks they're just attention seekers. But sometimes, you need to know the difference between attention seeking, and true pain.

So, this post goes out to the people who have been broken but stayed strong, for the people who have been hurt so badly, felt worthless, yet kept their heads up. To those who've learnt from their mistakes and always moved forward even when they took two steps back. To the people who wish loneliness wasn't a part of them but put up with it anyway. To the people who miss the past but are excited to see what the future holds. To those who have wounds that are yet to heal. To the people that want to look back so badly but keep their eyes on the road ahead.. I know it hurts right now, but hey, you're not the only one hurting.

Life's short, so it's okay to be in pain right now, but never let it hold you back from continuing your adventure in life.

Lots of love :)
Teen Diary.

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Quote of the Day!

Hello readers!

I don't really write here as often as I'd like and I just wouldn't wanna disappoint my viewers now would I.. So, I decided to do a 'Quote of the Day' post everyday and hopefully I'll keep you guys on the go with me.

Today's quote of the day is "Promise me you'll always remember: You're braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think"

I truly believe everyone should keep this in mind at all times. I've seen a huge number of people constantly putting themselves down, not having enough faith in themselves, not believing in themselves, not being confident enough, and just having the lowest self esteem. And honestly, that has held them back from doing a lot of things.

Well.. I'll put it this way, the more you believe in yourself, the further you'll go. Why hold yourself back from achieving what you could, what you want to, and what you've always dreamt of?

Being shy isn't always a bad thing, but sometimes you need to step it up and believe in yourself, because if you don't, how will anyone else?

No matter what you're going through, you're always gonna be stronger than you seem, to yourself, and to others. It's the way you think that often ends up controlling you. Control your mind, and trust me, you could run a mile before you even take your first baby steps.

Another thing, people like addressing each other as "smart" and "stupid", well let me tell you, no one is stupid. Everyone has a special ability in them and it just might take longer to come out from some than others. If someone calls you dumb, never let it get to you. NEVER believe it. Because as I said, no one is stupid. There might be smarter, but that never means you're stupid.

Where do you think the most known scientists got their boost from? By being put down by others. So instead of turning every little thing into something negative, bring out something positive.

Hope you all enjoyed this post.

Comment and tell me what your favorite quote, saying or even song phrase is.
Who knows, it could be in the next quote of the day post ;)

Teen Diary.

Saturday, 21 July 2012

Stepping Outside My Bubble

Hello readers!

"I literally live in a giant bubble, a controlled dome where every moment of my life is secretly filmed or documented and sometimes broadcasted as a reality show to a world-wide audience"

That's a quote from my favorite article. We actually do live in a bubble, we do what we're told, what's expected from us and what other people have already done, we do what we think we're supposed to do. We develop, but not create. 

Well, a world outside our bubble exists, a world where we have the freedom to express, show our talents and be creative. Don't be afraid to step outside your bubble.. Show the world what you're made of, and soon, a silent whisper will be heard.

If you're lucky enough to be different, don't ever change. In a forest of birds, if the only ones who sang were the ones who sang best, How quiet would that be?

Express, learn, build, be creative, be original, and scream out your talents. 

Hope this post inspired you!
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Teen Diary. 

Friday, 20 July 2012

Teen Inspiration: A Crawl into The Fashion World

Hello bloggers! :)

As I mentioned in my first post, one of the main reasons I created this blog, is to inspire. Us teens are very blessed with what we have being in such a generation with nonstop development in technology, the opportunities and being the youth that are building the future. We have a lot of ideas and just aren't motivated to turn them into the real deal. Let me take you into the world of some teen inspirations who are doing just that.. I hope you will all follow suit!

Part #1

Almost every girl, at every age is into fashion. I mean, who would say no to new clothes?
Well, I don't know about you, but speaking about myself, I have a crazy passion for fashion. The addiction I have for clothes is way far from normal. So, I decided to introduce you to a fashion icon, and give you a sneak peak into her fashionable life, if you haven't heard of her yet, that is.

Zayn Al Qahtani is a 15 year old fashion blogger. With thousands of views on her blog after just a few months, she has definitely affected a lot of teens with her great sense of style.

I recently got to interview her, I must say, she's quite a bubbly person.
Here's what went on!

TD: I've read on your blog that you've been into fashion ever since your dad asked you to draw the perfect dress at the age of six. Was there a specific influence that gave you this love for fashion?

Zayn: Hmm, to be quite honest, I've always been interested in clothes and shopping! I think my style personally stemmed from the females in my family - they're all really into fashion as well so it's pretty inevitable I'd be too.

TD: Was putting clothes together just considered a hobby or was there something more than that?

Zayn: Putting together clothes was (and still is) an art for me - some combinations are really horrible while some are masterpieces, and you just have to figure out what to piece with what. I used to have this little drawer full of costumes when I was younger - playing dress up was one of my favorite things to do. I was literally the kid who nicked her mom's lipstick, cut her own bangs, and wore pearls with jean jackets just for the hell of it.

TD: Did you ever think you'd be able to affect the amount of teens you have with your blog?

Zayn: Well, to be honest, I really don't know how many teens I've affected! It's true what they say, once you strike gold, you don't know how much it's worth till someone tells you. I didn't think I'd affect anyone positively at all, I was just blogging as an outlet, but since I did, that's amazing and it makes me really happy that I do and I hope my blog continues to inspire!

TD: A lot of teens come to you for advice, how does it feel and what are your three main tips on beauty, health and fashion?

Zayn: Yeah I did notice a lot of teens come to me on and ask about fashion/beauty, I feel flattered that they feel they can come to me with their crises and questions concerning those areas! My three main tips are always wash your makeup off before you go to bed (even if it seems like a pain in the butt) because if you don't, the accumulated dirt actually ages your skin 27 days (yikes!). The second tip is drink lots of water, it gives you glowing skin and long hair - and of course, it's healthy. Third tip is NEVER dress for someone else - open your closet doors and wear what you feel like wearing.

TD: How would you describe your style?

Zayn: Hmm.. Well this is a tough one. I think it's like a mix of grunge and high fashion. That's the perfect answer!

TD: If you were given the chance to go shopping at two of the biggest brands worldwide, what would you want them to be?

Zayn: I'd go shopping at Chanel because it's iconic and anything from there automatically becomes an item you'll keep for 10+ years. Also, I'd go to Dolce&Gabbana, because I was in love with the last runway show with all the colorful rhinestones and jewels and what not.

TD: What do you think people should focus on when choosing the perfect outfit?

Zayn: I think people should always focus on never over-doing an outfit. If you're wearing allover spandex then it's kind of bordering on trashy, but if you're wearing all over baggy tomboy clothes, then that's quite awkward and makes you look shapeless as well.

TD: Who would you say is your ultimate fashion icon and why?

Zayn: I was waiting for this question! Miley Cyrus, I love her to death!

TD: Where do you see yourself in 10 years, with your blog and passion for fashion?

Zayn: In 10 years, I'll be 25, so I will most definitely have my own boutique in Bahrain (hopefully) and I will still blog, but fashion design has always been my main aim.

Well, that's all for now. Zayn is definitely a teen inspiration, with things she's accomplished in the fashion world and how she's a fashion influence to many teens at just the age of 15. She is truly someone our generation should be proud to have. Her motivation is just contagious.

Check out her blog here :)

More teen inspiration posts to be continued..

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Thursday, 19 July 2012

Packing to the iPhone world!

Hi bloggers!

I have recently moved to the iPhone world. Never saw that coming, but I'm loving it! What a huge move that was. 

With all my love towards Blackberry, I actually managed to walk into the iPhone world with no regrets! Uh oh But come on, having photoshop on my phone with the amount of passion I have towards it, is like.. Ice cream on the hottest day of summer! 

There hasn't been a dull moment since I got it. The apps just keep getting better and better! And well.. You all know I have a thing for editing and being able to do that on my phone is just amazing. 

Some applications I'd recommend to you iPhone/iPad owners:

1.  ToonCamera.
This one's just epic! Everything is super gorgeous, photogenic or not! 

2. Color Effects.
Took a photo of something but the background is taking away attention from what you really were focusing on? Well, this app is definitely the solution! 

3. PS express. 
Could be just me, but this app's a must. I'm in love with photoshop, and this just gives me self pleasure. Aha!

4. Emoji. 
I love adding faces and emotes to everything, and those faces are just adorable! 

5. Water?
Bored? Sitting alone in a crowded place feeling awkward? This game is quite the entertainer :)

I'm currently posting from my phone, but I'll upload photos when I can.

Well, I'm still a newbie in this world, and those are just things I enjoy. I'll keep updating soon!

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Teen Diary. 

Monday, 16 July 2012

Best Friends Forever!

Hello bloggers :)

Sitting in the corner of the chair, charging my phone and thought what would be awesome for my bloggers to read?

Summer's all about late nights, water fights, belly tops, flip flops, iced tea and lemonade in the shade, blue skies, ice cream, sweet dreams, bathing suits, parties, sleeping in, and well, how would it be summer without friends?

Having friends is a lovely thing. Someone you can count on, someone who's always there, someone to tell your secrets to, someone that looks out for you. The thing is, you can rarely find a true friend. Someone.. Who isn't just there to your face, and back stabs you when the fun is over.

Everyone wants a best friend they know will always be right behind them when they turn around. Well, with things we see nowadays, it's hard to trust just anyone. People judge, and it's hard to please. For a minute, you need to be into metal to fit in, and the second you need to be a nerd. It's quite hard to cope, I suppose. But when you do find that friend, everything you went through in the journey of finding them was worth it.

My advice? Be yourself. Never try to please anyone. Never force yourself to like things you hate just to make friends. Because having friends based on something you're not, is like having no friends at all, because they'll never know who the real you is. And you'll just get lost in a forest of pretending.

If any of you readers need to talk, I'd be glad to hear you out.

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Teen Diary.

Sunday, 8 July 2012

Am I good enough?

Hello, bloggers!

So tired at the moment, but I thought I'd give you something to read before I snooze. I just have so much love for you, don't I!?

"You judge me, yet you know nothing about me" ..
"It's my life. MY life, you have no right to judge" ..
"Who are you to judge me?" ..

I've been seeing a lot of that everywhere. Those quotes have become the most popular thing in every teen social network, whether it's tumblr, twitter, facebook, youtube, you name it.

Well, let me tell you.. We ALL judge but hate to be judged and that's just reality. You've never commented on someone before? Really? Never? There's no way. So, the first step to stop the whole 'judging a book by it's cover' is to stop it yourself.

And you know? Everyone's going to be judged at some point. Why care? If you love what you are, you don't have to be someone else for anyone, because those who care about you will learn to live with your flaws.

Never let someone make you think you're not good enough, not pretty enough, not amazing enough. Each and every one of us 7 billion people in the world was born unique. Everyone has something special about them, something different and they should love it.

You suffer from acne? You have a belly? Your thighs are too big? You're too skinny? Your hair's too curly? Why should that even matter.. Beauty is inside out. Who cares what the media thinks is 'perfect'. No one's perfect and no one will ever be. Those models? They'll grow old, make up will stop working, photoshop will no longer be an option. So who cares what the world thinks.. Who cares if someone judges you.. Never let anyone get to you, because not even they have everything.

Be yourself and love it. Because in the end, when you aren't what people want you to be, you'll be left with yourself. And what's worse than not showing the real you?

Hope this helped even a tiny bit.

Comment and keep viewing for more!

Teen Diary.

Thursday, 5 July 2012

A sprinkle of Photoshop.

Good morning, bloggers!

Cuddled up on the couch, with a nice cup of  tea and cake, thinking what would make this moment perfect... Oh, right, a sprinkle of photoshop!

I've been in love with designing and editing ever since I can remember. When Microsoft Word started developing I had a blast knowing I have more options in editing, well that's until Photoshop came along and I got the hang of it. It's been one of my passions ever since. I love learning and growing, and hopefully it'll become something I get to do for a living.

Something I've been obsessed with lately is changing colours of bascially anything in a person's face.

Here's what I worked on this morning,

This is a random photo I found on Google, if anyone's curious.

In the photo, I changed her eyes colour, as well as her lips. Also, I added a bit of let's say, eye liner around her eyes, and removed a few spots, which you won't notice unless you zoom in really close. Diffenetly not gonna say I made her look prettier, but I really like how it turned out. I just love blue eyes with dark hair.

That's my eye, I changed my pupils from hazel, to purple, green and blue. And added a lot more 'eye liner' just to bring out the colours. What I really love about this is how real it looks.

For any questions about photoshop, I'd be glad to answer. Click here for my twitter + a quicker respond. I'll be doing a lot of tutorials on Photoshop, and I'd love it if I got your requests!

Hope you enjoyed,
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Teen Diary.

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

A Thousand Words

Hello bloggers!

Not so long ago, I went to see 'A Thousand Words', starring Eddie Murphy. In the movie, Murphy plays a literary agent, believing he was cursed by a new age guru; a tree appears in his backyard, and with every word he says, a leaf falls, and so, when all the leaves fall off, it's the end of both of them. I've read a lot of bad reviews, bashing the comedian and what more. It even got 39 dislikes out of 39. Well.. I can honestly say that it was one of the very few comedies with an actual story line. Those who watched might not have gotten a good laugh, but it was quite meaningful.

How would you spend a thousand words if they were all you had? Cursing? Swearing? Hating? Lying? Putting people down? Hurting them? or would you use them wisely? If you've seen the movie, you'd know Eddie ended up using his last few words treasuring his family, and making them happy. Although it took him a lot of actions, to prove those words, well actions will always speak louder than words.

The movie really inspired me, and it taught me that every little thing that comes out of me matters. I hope you feel the same way after reading this.

Hope you enjoyed,
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Teen Diary.

Sunday, 1 July 2012

Who am I?

Well, this isn't the cheesy cliche we ask ourselves nowadays. Most of those who are around me, might know me as the not so quiet, mostly loud, or, the tiniest girl in a crowd. But who am I really? Well, I haven't hit the charts on the internet, so I won't get 100+ views, that's for sure. But for those who are interested, here goes what's more than enough on this blog..

I've made up this blog to talk about an ordinary teen's life, to inspire teens, and give advice.

I know us teens take being a teenager as the hardest part of life, but when it comes to fashion, beauty, bff issues, trouble in paradise, I'm your girl.
Enjoy what's to come!

Teen Diary.

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