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Saturday, 9 July 2016

Am I Pretty Enough?

I remember being a little girl, when all I had to do was wear my favourite dress to feel like the prettiest girl I could be. I'd lay it out on my bed, bring the perfect shoes to match and jump in the shower to be completely clean before I put such an amazing dress on. I let my hair dry to its naturally loose curls and went around acting like the most well behaved little girl you'd know, because in my head, I felt like a princess and all it took was a pretty dress.

As a kid growing up, I never wanted to wear makeup. In fact, I thought it made me look ugly.. Not that I knew what to do with it, or how to use it or even owned any to begin with. But even the slightest bit of powder made me feel like I had a mask on my face and all I wanted to do was take it off.

Fast forward to ten years later.. I wake up in the morning, most probably with a bun or ponytail that I put my hair in the night before because of some article I've read that strictly claims my pillowcases are damaging my hair. I make my way to the bathroom, wash my face, brush my teeth and freshen up. It's usually time for my dose of tea as I scroll through my favourite Instagram feeds, Pinterest boards, YouTube channels, a few blog posts and some tweets. I'm suddenly motivated to try and look my best.

I head to the shower, use my favourite body wash, scrub and exfoliate. Maybe even put that hair mask on...You know, the one for special occasions. I look through my wardrobe, try ten different outfits on and all of a sudden, 30 minutes have passed before I've found just the right outfit. I curl my hair into gorgeous waves, just the way I like it. Right about now, I've given my moisturiser and primer just enough time to set. I gently dab my foundation on with a beautyblender, attempt to create the best eye look I've ever done, maybe even try to wing my liner, hoping it won't fail but if it does, layering 2 of my favourite mascaras for long voluminous lashes will do the job. I apply some blush for beautiful rosy cheeks and put on my perfect nude lipstick, nude lips have always suited me best.

All of that work is just a recipe for beauty, well at least it should be.. I spent 2 whole hours getting ready. I walk up to the most flattering mirror in the house as I scrunch the ends of my hair for some extra volume right before the big reveal. I take a look at myself with a huge smile on my face, but all I can see is.. Me, me with some enhanced features. I mean, I wasn't expecting to see a model, or to look like I just came out of a magazine cover, but.. Is that all? 2 whole hours to just see my same self look right back at me? 

Then it hit me.. That's all I'll ever see. But you know what? I didn't mind. That's how I was made and I should be happy with it. I shouldn't have to paint my face to be happy with myself. Makeup is art and I love playing around with it, but I also love my makeup-free days. I love letting my skin breathe, I love giving my cheeks the chance to be naturally pink and that's how it should be. Sure, makeup is  a fun confidence booster that does a great job at enhancing our best features but that doesn't mean we need any to look beautiful. Everyone has their days where they don't feel their most beautiful self and can only see their flaws, even the people you find so stunning. You might see someone and think, how in the world can they look so effortlessly gorgeous all the time? But even they think they're not pretty enough sometimes.

If you ever feel like you're not pretty enough or good enough, just think there's someone out there that would love to look like you. They'd love to have your super curly, super straight or anything in between hair. They'd love to have your green, blue, grey, brown, light, dark eyes. They'd love your freckles, dimples, or none at all. They'd love to be as tall or as short as you. They'd love to be as pale or as dark as you. Someone out there looks at you and thinks, why can't I be that pretty?  It might be a cliche thing to say, but everyone is beautiful in their own special way, no matter what size, height or colour.

If you can't see it, someone else can.


Friday, 1 April 2016

Beauty + Skincare Haul: Clinique, Benefit and NARS!

Hello gorgeous! 

With the change in weather, my skin tends to get quite dry and the chore of moisturising twice a day becomes obligatory which did lead to a little bit of skincare shopping. But somehow, a few beauty bits happened to sneak into my basket and so, I come with a haul!

Clinique's Great Skin Great Deal 3-Step Skincare Set

The Dramatically Different Moisturising Lotion is a product I swear by and is what I originally went shopping for. Luckily for my bank account, the full size moisturiser was available in a set with the 3-Step products for the same price which I can't complain about. Along with that, Clinique had a gift with purchase offer hence the cute makeup bag and travel size goodies. I absolutely fell in love with the Clinique All About Eyes which came in the bag and I will have a review up as soon as I purchase the full size. Trust me, it's a good one! The bag also came with the Superdefense Moisturiser which I have been layering with Dramatically Different when my skin is extra dry and it has been helping. I also got a mini High Impact Mascara, I didn't really give this a fair try yet and therefore it hasn't impressed me but if that changes, I will let you know! Lastly, it came with a lipstick which I'm not a big fan of but it does look cute nonetheless.

Benefit's Posie Tint

Ever since I tried the mini Posie Tint from the Feelin' Dandy lip and cheek kit, I have been eyeing the full size but couldn't really convince myself that it was worth it. Although, I have been super busy lately with University, meetings and what not which means my makeup has to last all day long, or at least still manage to look okay. One thing that manages to slide off my face way too quickly, is my blush and knowing the Benefit tints do the job when it comes to keeping your blush on all day, I was sort of sold. The shade is a bit too sheer for my liking, but I did purchase it for the sake of applying it under my blush and it lasts a lot longer!

Benefit's Hello Flawless Oxygen WOW Foundation

I am a little bit late on this product, but I do remember it being huge at some point and since I've been on the search for a new foundation that is light, gives more coverage than a BB cream and  is basically perfect for everyday, I thought I'd give this a try. I haven't really tried it properly yet because I do think it needs a setting powder to give me the base I like, but once I decide whether I like it or not, I will do a review for those who, like me, have yet to give it a go!

NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Sex Machine 

NARS just opened a counter in the Sephora I shop in not too long ago and to be quite frank, I didn't have anything to purchase in mind but being so excited for actually having a NARS counter nearby, I was eager to try something out. Not owning any lip pencils whatsoever, I thought I'd give their Velvet Matte Lip Pencil a go to see if it makes any difference with how long my lipstick stays on and fingers are crossed, it will do the job. Speaking of, what NARS products would you recommend me trying? Let me know down below!

Shop The Haul
And that is all! I would like to apologise for my lack of content but I have been wanting to reorganise my thoughts, better my content, come up with better post ideas which you will hopefully see from now on. 

Until next time, 

Saturday, 19 December 2015

My Bedside Table Necessities!

Hello gorgeous!

I am always intrigued by what people have on their bedside tables. The little bits and bobs they choose to keep there, if it's more of a place for necessities or another decor staple in the room. Whether they prefer to cover it up with a stack of books, loads of beauty products, a bunch of miscellaneous bits that found their way there or even wires and gadgets, I just enjoy seeing it all! 

On my bedside table, you can sometimes find the cheeky sweet wrappers that I could not manage to resist the night before, you might find a book or two some days, or even 3 half empty water bottles. You may only see my phone and lamp and some days, it might even look like a proper decor staple in my room which is very rare, but you get the idea. 

Recently, I've found that I really like leaving my must-haves on it. Things I should remember doing like taking out my contact lenses, staying hydrated, cleansing my face and moisturising. Things I enjoy before bed like reading or writing down little notes. And finally, the things I need the next morning like my fuzzy socks to keep warm and my fully charged phone. Take a look!

What are your bedside table necessities? Let me know down below!

See you soon,

Thursday, 17 December 2015

Recipe: The Perfect Scones for Afternoon Tea!

Hello gorgeous!

If there's anything I love doing and could never get enough of, it's afternoon tea. I have a little shelf in our kitchen cupboard filled with different kinds of tea, from peppermint, pomegranate, raspberry and strawberry to Earl Grey and your ordinary English tea. Call me grandma, but I love it.

And what better baked treat to have with your trea than some classic homemade delicious scones generously topped with jam and fresh cream? Carry on reading for the recipe!


225g Self raising flour
Pinch of salt
55g Butter
25g Caster sugar
2 teaspoons of Cinnamon
150ml Milk
Dried fruits (raisins)

Heat the oven to 220C/425F and lightly grease a baking sheet.

Mix your flour and salt together and rub in the butter. Add the cinnamon and mix in. Stir in the sugar and then the milk to get a soft dough. Add in the raisins as to your preference. 

Spread some flour onto a clean kitchen surface and knead your dough very lightly. Pat your dough out to around 2cm thick. You can then break off little pieces of dough, roll them up and place them on your baking sheet. 

Bake them in the oven for 12-15 minutes until they're well risen. You'll know they're ready when they're perfectly golden and crispy on the top! Easy as that!

You can serve them warm or cold, with the jam of your choice, butter or cream and anything else you like! I had some redcurrants on the side and of course, a yummy cup of Earl Grey tea!

If you happen to bake your own, do take a photo and send it to me on Twitter or tag me on Instagram! What are your favourite teatime treats? Let me know down below!

I hope you enjoyed, 


Wednesday, 16 December 2015

5 Things I've Learnt From Blogging - Part 1!

Hello gorgeous!

I entered the blogging world a little over 3 years ago to express my thoughts and have somewhat of an online journal where I shared my passion and slowly found a community who has the same interests as I do!

On the journey of blogging, I've learnt quite a lot both blogging and life wise which I never thought I'd learn by typing away on the internet. So, for today's post I thought I'd share 5 things I've picked up from this little corner on the interwebs!

Having a passion for what you do is always important no matter what it is you're doing, whether it's a hobby, an activity or your job. Loving what you do is what keeps you going and giving for as long as you do it. It's what makes you continue in the best way possible and it keeps you happy. Blogging is very theraputic for me, I really love it and that's why I do it. To me, if I'm not enjoying what I'm doing, it's a complete waste of time. 

There's a sea-full of blogs out there, with amazing content, gorgeous photography and lovely bloggers behind it all. What makes me unique is being my true self. There's no point of copying another blogger, because if that's how it worked, every blog will be the exact same. And that's how it is in the real world, if you're not your own person, you'll barely make it and if you do, you would have lost yourself in the process.

I absolutely love blogging. I love raving about my obsessions and expressing my thoughts. But sometimes, I lose inspiration and go through a blogger's mind block which is very normal. Personally, I'd much rather post something I'm genuinely pleased with than just another post to hide away the gap between my posts. It's the content that matters more than anything!

When I started blogging, I honestly did not think anyone would care to read my blog let alone come back for the next post. All I cared about was doing something I enjoyed and even getting 10 views was very exciting. That's how it should be. Blog because you love it, not because you want thousands of followers or anything out of it. Because if that's your only aim, blogging is not for you.

As much as I love typing away and putting up new posts, it is very important to take the time offline. The Internet world is fun and you get to interact with so many different people which is great, but you need to remember your life offline. Spend time with friends and family, relax, take a break. Not everything needs to be photographed and blogged about. You lose the joy of the moment by living it through your camera.

And that's just a few of the things I've learnt from blogging! If you enjoyed it and want a part 2, let me know down below! What have you learnt from blogging? Do share!

Until next time,
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